Frag Plugs, Disks, & Mounts for Aquariums

Coral frag mounts come in different sizes. Coral propagation plugs are narrow ceramic plugs with a stem, great for attaching sps corals frags that will then sit in a frag rack. Frag plugs have a narrow stem that can be mounted in a frag rack or live rock holes. Coral disks are wider ceramic disks without stems, like 3 inch frag disks, that are great for mounting many soft and lps corals, such as acan frags, that will sit on the sand or frag rack. Coral glue is often used to secure a new coral frag to the frag plug. Some soft corals, like mushrooms, usually won’t attach with glue. Some gently wound string can secure the soft coral to the frag disc until it attaches itself.

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