Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Freshwater aquarium plants for sale with free shipping when you buy 12+

Biotechnology is essential to meet today's demand for high-quality live freshwater aquarium plants. This technology involves producing a tissue culture where a virtually unlimited number of plant clones can be produced from a single plant cell. This is an active contribution towards environmental protection, as these aquascaping plants no longer have to to be removed from their natural habitat.

Cultivated in sterile containers, Dennerle in-vitro [latin: in glass] freshwater tank plants are sold individually in 2 ¾" sealed tubs. Many consider them to be the best aquarium plants because they are completely free of algae and snails and can be planted directly into your freshwater aquarium. They are ideal for modern aquascaping and for smaller aquariums that feature small aquarium plants.

The more you spend on our real aquarium plants, the more you save! That's right: you can buy in bulk to save on live freshwater plants and shipping! Regularly $12.99 apiece, buy 12+ plants and pay $11.99 each or 18+ and pay $10.99 per plant. Mix-and-match up to 24 different plants per order (minimum 6). Orders of 12 plants or more SHIP FREE! We ship fish tank plant orders every Monday and Tuesday (excluding holidays).

To make shopping for freshwater aquatic plants easy, you can shop by placement in your aquascape (foreground, midground, or background) or by care level (easy, medium, difficult). View our full aquarium plants list to see all the tropical fish tank plants we carry.