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No matter the distance or weather, the best in frozen food
will be ready for your aquarium inhabitants.

Choose from the finest
frozen aquarium food

Mysis. Krill. Silversides. Clams on the half shell. We only sell frozen food with natural, healthy ingredients for you fish, corals and invertebrates.
Order online or by phone.

We are fanatical about
keeping frozen foods fresh

Freezers are kept at -7º F and have slotted shelves for air circulation to maintain temperatures. Inventory dates are logged so we only ship out food that is fresh.

Your food is expertly packed
to ensure it arrives frozen

Frozen foods are placed in an insulated cooler with the appropriate amount of dry ice to maintain temperature while in transit. The cooler is then sealed inside corrugated cardboard.

Frozen foods are shipped
every Monday and Tuesday

Your order will be delivered fresh to your doorstep in 1-3 business days. A signature is not required for delivery. We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States for a low flat rate.
Shipping cutoff is Tuesday at 10 am PST. Orders placed after that time will be shipped the following Monday.

Place food in freezer immediately upon arrival

For best results, open the package immediately and place the contents into your freezer. The cooler box is reusable, but be sure to handle dry ice with gloves to avoid injury.

Feed your fish, corals and invertebrates

Frozen foods have higher nutritional value than dry, freeze dried and liquid foods. They are also more palatable and will trigger a stronger feeding response when added to your tank.