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GHL Mitras LX 7206 Saltwater LED Light Fixture - Silver/White


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Check out this hands-on review of the Mitras LX 7206 LED light. See what it can do for your reef!

GHL Mitras LX 7206 Saltwater LED Light Fixture - Silver/White

The Next Level of High-power LED Lighting has Arrived

Built on the basis of the legendary Mitras LX6 series, the LX 7 offers perfectly matched LEDs to provide the most complete spectrum available. The LX 7 comes in a sleek and modernized design and offers unmatched light output, superior color blending, and extreme light spread. We’ve implemented even the smallest of details to make the LX 7 the most powerful and energy efficient LED fixture on the market.

Mitras LX is One of a Kind

Equipped with the latest in LED technology, the Mitras LX 7 provides outstanding light performance and efficiency. LX 7206 includes 72 specially selected high-power LEDs (Cree©, OSRAM©, and SemiLED©) in 9 independently controllable channels providing at least 150 lumens/watt. These high-power LEDs are specially mixed and tuned to provide increased coral coloration, increased growth, maximum even-light distribution, and brilliant true-to-life colors (CRI > 95). The Mitras LX design makes it user serviceable; LEDs are integrated in 6 replaceable LED clusters.

Mitras Reflectors vs Most Current LED Lenses

When it comes to maintaining light intensity for deep tanks, most current LED Lenses fall short. For tall and short tanks, these type of lens may even cause a "Disco Effect" due to the way multiple LED light colors are blended by the lenses. Our metal coated high performance LED reflector mimics the reflective performance of parabolic Metal Halide reflectors reflecting 99% of light. This type of reflector design maximizes light efficiency, increases light spread, optimally blends LED colors, and minimizes light loss the deeper light penetrates.

Built-in LED Overheat Protection

All Mitras series LEDs include a microprocessor-controller that continuously monitor LED temperature and ensures safe operation and maximum light output with high energy efficiency. If the system detects LED temperatures above the optimal range, the microprocessor will automatically adjust the temperature-controlled fans to ensure continued optimal operation. Automatic brightness reduction is another feature which adds an extra layer of safety.

Mitras LX 7: Ultimate Connectivity Options

Connect the Mitras LX 7 via the cloud (myGHL©), your smartphone, or your computer – built-in Wi-Fi and USB connection provides you with all the connection options you desire. The Mitras LX 7 includes a second RF module which works independently from Wi-Fi which allows you to link multiple Mitras LX in master/slave modes.

Wirelessly controllable via ProfiLux 3 / 4

Looking to control the Mitras LX7 off of a ProfiLux 3 or 4 controller? Make it happen with the PLM-PWC expansion card for ProfiLux 3 and 4 controllers.

Mitras LX 7206: LED Configuration per Cluster:

  • 2 x Cree XP-E2 Blue
  • 2 x Cree XT-E Cool White
  • 2 x Cree XT-E Royal Blue
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL True Green
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Sky White
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Blue-White
  • 1 x Osram Oslon SSL Hyper Red
  • 1 x Hyper Violet
  • 1 x Ultra Violet

Mitras LX 7206 has 6 clusters for a total of 72 LEDs.

Mitras LX7 features:

  • Ultraviolet LEDs (385 nm) give you even better colors and growth for demanding corals (LX 72xx variant only)
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • myGHL cloud compatible
  • Adjustable performance distribution using GHL Power Balancing Technology
  • Additional features carried over from the LX6 series:
  • Wide and even light distribution without the "disco effect", an effect commonly found in many other LED lights
  • High-performance reflectors with 99% reflection and high diffusion to minimize light loss from spreading and ensure superior color mixing; these reflectors were developed to outperform all LED lens designs
  • 72 (models with 6 clusters) high-power LEDs from the best binnings, exclusively from Cree, Osram, and SemiLEDs
  • Complete coverage of the relevant spectrum; Spectrum can be freely customized with 9 separately dimmable LED color channels
  • Numerous functions such as moon phase, thunderstorm, seasonal lighting, and clouds.
  • Radio module for communicating with other Mitras LX lamps or ProfiLux aquarium controllers (master / slave)
  • Easily accessible graphic display and capacitive keyboard on the side of the fixture
  • LED clusters can be exchanged individually
  • Extremely fine dimming ratio > 4000 : 1 for super smooth dimming
  • Efficient wide-range power supply
  • Innovative and efficient temperature management through active and passive cooling, temperature-controlled and quiet fans
  • Designed, developed, and produced in Germany

Mitras LX 7206 Technical Data:

Lamp Operation Mode Max. Power Consumption Recommended Water Volume Illumination Area Light Output comparable with
High Efficiency Mode at 100% 130 W max. 240 Liter/ 63 Gallons Water depth ca. 77 cm / 30.31" Bottom area ca. 82 cm x 55 cm / 32.28" x 21.65" HQI 280 W
High Output Mode at 100% 195 W max.300 Liter/ 79 Gallons Water depth ca. 88 cm / 34.65" Bottom area ca. 88 cm x 58 cm / 34.65" x 22.83" HQI 380 W
* Above specifications relate to average parameters and may vary due to component tolerances and ambient conditions.

Luminaire Power Supply
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.8" x 7.9" x 1.65" (324 mm x 200 mm x 42 mm) 9.6" x 2.7" x 1.57" (245 mm x 68 mm x 40 mm)
Weight 5.29 lb (2.4 kg) 2.87 lb (1.3 kg)
Cable length ca. 3 m / 118.11" to power supply about 2 m / 78.74" to wall outlet
Ambient conditions during operation max. 40°C / 104°F, max. rel. humidity 80% non-condensing max. 50°C / 122°F, max. rel. humidity 80% non-condensing

* Both the power supply and luminaire become warm during normal operation and must therefore be installed in an area that allows for sufficient heat dissipation.


  • Efficient wide range power supply IP 67 w/ lockable safety plug
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Please note *Hanging Kit not included!
Further Reading & Troubleshooting:

Manufacturer information

GHL - Advanced Aquarium Technology

The versatility and functionality of GHL products are legendary. No matter if you own an aquarium, terrarium, or pond, GHL products can grow to meet your needs. They have been developing advanced aquarium technology since 1998 and continue to develop products that meet the needs of the modern aquarist. They listen to their customers` needs and implement features for all hobbyists to enjoy.

When GHL develops products, even the smallest details are considered. Safety and reliability are always at the top of the list! GHL products are field-tested in many different scenarios before they are released to the market. They understand the importance of reliability and give you this so you can succeed in fishkeeping.

GHL`s Aquarium Technology line consists of ProfiLux aquarium controllers, Mitras LED Lights, GHL Dosers, and additional modular accessories that can be used together or separately. Free apps and software keep you informed about your aquarium at all times. You`ll be able to perfectly simulate natural environments for your fish, corals, and plants. GHL is active on aquarium message boards and engages with their users on social media and at events around the world. They have a ton of free how-to tutorial videos on their YouTube channel to get you up and running fast!

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