Aquarium Heaters & Fish Tank Heaters

Azoo Titanium Heaters
Adapts the latest electronic heating control technology. Temperature control range 21~33°C , ±1°C Titanium tube body, free from acid or alkaline corrosion, suitable for both salt water and fresh water aquariums.
Cobalt Aquatics Aquarium Heaters
The Neo-Therm electronic heaters have an impressive accuracy of ±0.5ºF. The electronic thermostat has an utra-fast response time that helps to keep the temperature stable. Also available, Accu-Therm glass heaters.
Hagen Fluval E-Series Electronic Aquarium Heaters
The Fluval E series advanced electronic aquarium heater with VueTech technology continuously displays real time water temperature.
Hydor ETH In-Line External Fish Tank Heaters
Designed for external, vertical use in most aquarium applications involving the use of water hose. For use in freshwater and marine aquariums. Fits most canister filters.
Hydor Slim Heater
Supplies Continuous Safe Gentle Heat in small aquariums or bowls, approximately 5 to 10 degrees above ambient room temperature. No glass components to crack or break plus with double sealing.
Hydor THEO Submersible Aquarium Water Heaters
Highly accurate due to the use of precise micro-switch technology. UL listed by design, not by the use of accessories. For use in freshwater & marine aquariums.
Jager Heaters
New TS Series heaters are completely waterproof, submersible heaters perfect for freshwater or saltwater use. Heavy duty 2mm thick shock resistant Pyrex glass construction.
JBJ True Temp Fish Tank Heaters
+/- 0.5 F accuracy, a calibration setting, indestructible titanium heating element with thermal shut off, smart memory chip, LED heating indicator, magnetic heater/probe holders, safety guard, remote temperature probe, large constant LED display of the current temperature.
ViaAqua Aquarium Water Heaters
Glass and titanium aquarium heaters for fresh and saltwater applications. Easy to read temperature indicator and compact design are a few of the features of this heater.
Won Brothers Fish Tank Heaters
These titanium heaters are corrosion resistant, heavy duty, and very reliable. Ideal for both aquariums and ponds with sizes available up to 1500 watts.
Zoo Med MagClip® Magnetic Suction Cups
Industrial strength MAGNETIC suction cup with interchangeable clips Never replace your suction cups again!
A quality aquarium water heater is necessary if you intend to maintain a successful tropical freshwater, marine fish or reef system. Temperature fluctuations often go unnoticed by aquarists and can cause stress to fish and corals.

Most fish tank heaters include a built-in thermostat to select the optimal temperature for your aquarium, however, the use of a thermometer to monitor the temperature is highly recommended. You might consider a temperature controller for keeping a stable environment in your aquarium since they offer more precise readings and an advanced feature set.

Most aquarists opt for glass-walled heaters due to their size, price and dependability. Heaters from Jager, Hydor and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA are very popular among hobbyists.

A minimum of 3-5 watts per gallon is recommended to keep aquarium temperatures at an optimal level. Aquarists with larger tanks should consider using more than one heater. In the unlikely event that your heater goes, have multiple heaters in place safeguards your tank from crashing.