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Helio PTC 500 Watt Aquarium Heater (Element Only) - Innovative Marine


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HELIO 500 Watt PTC Heating Element (No Controller)

Innovative Marine is proud to introduce HELIO, a new line of heaters utilizing ultra-safe PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology.

Unlike traditional electric immersion heaters which use resistance wires that continuously increase in temperature until the element ceases, PTC technology utilizes solid state ceramic chips that are programmed to reach only a certain predetermined set temperature. The result is even heating, longer operation life, and increased safety.

When the temperature of the ceramic chip heating element increases, the sensor on the chip itself reads the increase and will increase its electrical resistance resulting in decreased heat output. This simply means that as the heating element gets hotter, it will become relatively more difficult to become hotter. Safety is inherently built in and not added on.

The mastermind behind the HELIO Heating System is the PTC smart controller*, which bridges the gap between hobby grade and commercial heating systems. The smart controller’s processor communicates with the PTC heating elements to keep your temperature stable, alerting you immediately if any fluctuations in temperature have been detected.

The PTC smart controller* has been fitted with a titanium remote temperature sensor and dual heating element power lines. Since each heating element has its own built in temperature regulation system, there’s safety in redundancy from the controller’s temperature sensor. If dual heating elements are employed, you can add yet another level of safety to the system.

After years in development, the HELIO heating system possesses powerful features that exceed current reef aquarium heater expectations and achieve three main objectives: Increased safety, improved reliability, and to provide a new reef aquarium heating technology superior to the long held standard.

HELIO PTC Titanium Heating System.
Safe. Stable. Smart.

*PLEASE NOTE: This listing includes the HELIO Heating Element ONLY. A HELIO PTC Smart Controller is required to operate the element.
  • Suitable for heating a 85-125 gallon aquarium up to 10 degrees above ambient temperature
  • Designed to operate safely and efficiently in a harsh marine reef aquarium ecosystem
  • PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology
    • Solid state ceramic chip
    • Fast warm up
    • Even heating with no hot spots
    • Long life
    • Low surface temperature
    • Self-regulation of heating
  • Automatic shut off when heating element is out of water
  • Commercial grade titanium heating sheaths and screws to prevent corrosion


Aquarium Size 85-125 Gallons
Heating Element Dimensions 15.25" L x .80"D

Suggested Model by Aquarium Size

Model Capacity (w/ Single Element) Capacity (w/ Two Elements)
HELIO 100 Watt Heating Element 10 - 25 Gallons** 25 - 50 Gallons**
HELIO 200 Watt Heating Element 25 - 50 Gallons** 50 - 100 Gallons**
HELIO 350 Watt Heating Element 50 - 85 Gallons** 100 - 170 Gallons**
HELIO 500 Watt Heating Element 85 - 125 Gallons** 170 - 250 Gallons**
*This listing includes the HELIO Heating Element ONLY. A HELIO PTC Smart Controller is required to operate the element.
**Chart guideline ratings based on +10°F water temperature increase from current ambient temperature.

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