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HYDROS Control 4 Aquarium Controller Starter Pack - CoralVue


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HYDROS Control 4 Aquarium Controller Starter Pack - Coralvue

Experience total control with the HYDROS Control 4 Starter Pack-- A kit including everything you need to control and monitor a healthy aquarium!

What`s Included:
  • (1x) Control 4 Unit
  • (1x) Power Supply
  • (1x) 4-Outlet WiFi AC Power Strip
  • (1x) Temperature Probe
  • (1x) pH Probe & Calibration Solutions
  • HYDROS App

HYDROS Control 4

The HYDROS Control 4 is a powerful and robust aquarium controller with the ability to monitor temperature, pH, ORP, and water level while controlling pumps, timers, level sensors, and more! It can be used as a standalone controller for saltwater aquariums, freshwater tanks, pond applications, or even added to other HYDROS Controls to build a more extensive system. The Control 4 operates on a HYDROS Safety Net and is rated IP-65 to keep your equipment and aquatic life alive and thriving.

Versatile and Expandable without Extra Modules

Every HYDROS product is a smart device with its own CPU and scheduling capabilities, so you can use any HYDROS device by itself or connect multiple devices as part of a larger automated aquarium system with NO single point of communication failure.

IP-65 Rated-- Splash Proof, Dust Proof, and Secure Connection

The HYDROS devices have been built to function in the harsh environment of a marine aquarium. The IP-65 rated HYDROS enclosure, and aircraft-style connectors ensure long term reliability in the face of splashes and corrosive salt spray.

Feature Overview

  • Control your HYDROS device(s) from anywhere using the HYDROS cloud-based app
  • Monitor and control your HYDROS device(s) locally through WiFi
  • A fast dual-core 32-bit processor that allows control decisions to be made within each device
  • Internal health monitoring to report voltages, currents, CPU status, and the internal temperature of each device
  • HYDROS Command Bus connections to transfer data and power to devices

(4x) Sense Ports

The Sense Port is a generic input port that can accept data from numerous different types of sensors. The HYDROS Control 4 includes four Sense Ports, which currently support:
  • Temperature probes
  • Optical level sensors (single and dual)
  • Capacitive non-contact liquid level sensors
  • Rope leak detectors
  • Point leak detectors
  • Flow rate sensors
  • Magnetic switches
  • Push-button switches

(2x) Drive Ports

The two Drive Ports provide switched 12V DC power for running small lights, motors, pumps, fans, and other accessories. The exact current being supplied by each port is continuously monitored by the Control, so if a motor or pump quits drawing current or draws too much, you will be immediately notified. The Drive Ports currently support:
  • Auto Top-Off (ATO) pumps
  • Cooling fans
  • Cabinet LED lights
  • Solenoids to control reverse osmosis systems

(2x) Probe Ports

The two Probe Ports feature circuitry based on an ultra-high-quality input chip specifically designed for ORP and pH probes. Each pH input provides digital galvanic isolation from the rest of the system. Galvanic isolation prevents interference with other accessories connected to the system like motors and pumps. Digital Galvanic isolation preserves the accuracy of the measurement by converting the signal to a digital domain before crossing the isolation threshold.

0-10V Ports

The HYDROS Control 4 has 0-10V I/O (input and output) ports that allow it to control and receive commands from other HYDROS devices and accessories from other brands. A legacy automation system can provide input via the 0-10V Ports. They can control variable speed pumps and can also be used to monitor simple switch closures, like push buttons or float switches.

(2x) Command Bus

The HYDROS Command Bus is used to power the Control as well as communicate with other HYDROS devices for the ultimate failsafe.

HYDROS Power 4 Wifi Power Strip

The HYDROS 4 Outlet WiFi AC Power Strip is a smart power bar designed to work with the CoralVue HYDROS platform.

It features four 120V AC outlets and four USB ports that are WiFi controllable using the free HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple mobile devices. You can turn outlets on and off wirelessly over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. The Power 4 has a range of 98’, so you can place power strips around your home without any difficulty connecting to your modem or router.

Each of the four outlets can be controlled individually while the four USB ports are controlled as one. The outlets have individual LED indicators and the USB ports have a single LED indicator. The status LEDs indicate when an outlet is energized.

App-based Control-- Anytime, Anywhere.

Control and monitor your equipment using your mobile device! When using the HYDROS app with the Power 4, you can create rules and schedules to turn on and off different pieces of aquarium equipment, like pumps, powerheads, lights, heaters, algae scrubbers, UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and whatever else you may want to control on demand or put on a schedule. The USB ports are ideal for connecting and controlling aquarium cooling fans, which you can program to turn on if your aquarium water gets too hot and then turn back off automatically when the water drops back within ideal ranges.

You can also control multiple Power 4 Power Strips from the HYYDROS app. You might use a couple of Power 4’s to power your display tank, place another in the garage to use for a saltwater mixing station, and have units in each of your children’s bedrooms to turn even beginner tanks into smart aquariums. 

If an outlet fails or loses its WiFi connection, you will be immediately notified via alerts to your mobile device. This safety feature can help prevent a tank catastrophe. For example, if the outlet powering your return pump failed, you would receive a notification to let you know something is awry so that you can take corrective action. As a temporary fix, you might decide to turn on all your flow pumps and increase their speed remotely via the HYDROS app to keep the water moving and the temperature stable until you can arrive home to investigate.

HYDROS WiFi Outlets

The HYDROS Control system can utilize WiFi-based power outlets as part of its configuration. These outlets can be used to switch lights, pumps, heaters, and other equipment on or off as needed in an aquarium environment.

The power outlets connect to the Control device via WiFi. Understandably, there are concerns about the general reliability of these outlets and the possibility of a loss of communication.

One thing that should be pointed out is that HYDROS talks to the outlets directly on WiFi. No cloud interaction is involved. Thus, as long as your WiFi hub is operating, the outlets will work even if the outbound Internet connection fails.

HYDROS Power 4 Strip Specifications

Power: AC 120V
  • (4x) AC Outlets
  • (4x) USB Ports
Total Power Rating: 10A / 1250W
Total USB Power: 2A
WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Dimensions: 7.8" x 4" x 1.1"
Weight: 483g

HYDROS Slim Temperature Probe

The HYDROS Slim Temperature Probe is the ideal "set it and forget it" temperature monitor that requires no calibration or maintenance. It features a slim 1.6" x 0.32" body, 79" cord, and a GX12 aviation-style connector that plugs into any Sense Port on the HYDROS Control 2, Control 4, and any future devices.

  • Slim 1/6"L x 0.32"D probe with a 79" cord
  • Protects your aquarium from unsafe water temperatures
  • Can be used to shut off a heater, chiller, or fan when the water temperature gets out of desired range
  • Can be set up to send mobile alerts when water temperature is out of desired range
  • Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Ability to run multiple temperature sensor probes for safety/redundancy
  • Features a GX12 aviation-style connector so the Control 2 and Control 4 maintain their IP65-rating (dust-tight and protected from water spray at any angle).
  • Powered, monitored, and controlled by plugging into a Sense Port on the HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4. No additional power cord is required.
  • No moving parts
  • Official CoralVue HYDROS Accessory

The HYDROS Slim Temperature Sensor Probe is only 1.6” long and 0.32” wide. It’s all-black solid waterproof IP68 construction is built for years of reliable service. It requires no calibration or maintenance (aside from occasional cleaning). 

The Slim Temperature Sensor Probe has a long 79” cord with a GX12 aviation-style connector that plugs into any Sense Port on the Control 2, Control 4, and future HYDROS devices. You can use multiple temperature sensors on your system for safety and redundancy. For example, you can place one in your display aquarium and another in your sump. This can be helpful if your sump is in your basement while the display tank is on another floor of the house. The Slim Temperature Sensor Probe is completely submersible so you can easily place it somewhere discreet, like in the back of an all-in-one aquarium, in the overflow, or tucked away in one of the chambers of your sump.

The HYDROS Slim Temperature Sensor Probe is an easy and affordable way to prevent your aquarium water from becoming too cold or too hot. It monitors the water temperature in your aquarium so you can keep it within the safe zone for fish, coral, and inverts. The probe plugs into any Sense Port on a HYDROS device and does not require any additional power source.

You can configure the HYDROS app so that if the water temperature is higher than 82°F or lower than 78°F (for example), it can send you a mobile alert to let you know. You can also set it up so that outlets that have a heater, chiller, or fan plugged into them turn off when the temperature is outside the safe zone. Your heating and cooling equipment must be plugged into a HYDROS power source, like the Power 4 Power Strip or Smart Plug, for this sort of automation to occur.

The probe contains no moving parts that can fail. It provides peace of mind that your aquarium water temperature will never drift outside optimal ranges for aquatic life. Keep your aquarium water temperature in the safe zone with the HYDROS Slim Temperature Sensor Probe.

PinPoint pH Probe

The PinPoint pH Probe was designed specifically with aquariums in mind. It features a long continuous duty life expectancy, fast response, and is non-toxic to aquarium systems.

  • Ag-AgCl reference
  • Dual Junction
  • 99.9% pure platinum
  • 10ft cable with high interference suppression jacket

Manufacturer Info

CoralVue Aquarium Supplies
CoralVue, founded in 2002, provides high-quality aquarium lighting at prices any hobbyist can afford. The company was formed by David D’Aquin, an underwater video and lighting expert who has teamed with commercial divers, the U.S. Navy and National Geographic on a variety of projects. D’Aquin took his knowledge of lighting and electronics and focused these passions on creating products for the aquarium industry. In just a short time, CoralVue pioneered the development of the 400-watt double-ended metal halide bulb and the unique color temperature spectrum of ReefLux metal halide bulbs. CoralVue also develops high-quality electronic metal halide ballasts to power their bulbs. They offer ballasts in single, dual, triple and dimmable lamp models. To compliment their line of lighting products, CoralVue entered the protein skimmer and calcium reactor market in 2004.

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Like a long PH Graph that shows my calcium reactor's ph melting point over a long duration. Does the HYDROS Control 4 show a long PH graph like Apex Fusion Does?
Asked : Nov 15, 2020
By : GoVols, Tennessee
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Solid product

Easy to use. Locking connectors. Expandable. Price.
Lack of manufacturer adapters for the 0-10v port a disappointment. Easy breakout box for the 0-10v input port would be handy.
Been using control 4 since release day and it’s super easy to use. Setup was simple and has been running great since day 1.
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So far this has been a great experience
Powerful system yet easy to setup and get going. Feels well made and not cheap
Nothing found so far.
I did not think it could get this simple and cheap and yet be so powerful. The Hydros 4 is fantastic. So far I have everything up and running and have only encountered a few rough spots. Kind of amazing that the software is this good on the first release.
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