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HYDROS Control Water Level Sensor - CoralVue


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**Please note that the Water Level Sensor is an accessory for the HYDROS Control line by CoralVue. A HYDROS controller is required to use the Sensor.**

HYDROS Water Level Sensor for Aquarium Controller - CoralVue

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor is easy to place, easy to move, and easy to clean. It contains no moving parts that can fail, and is extremely small (roughly the circumference of a US penny and just over 1/2" thick), so it can be placed in even the most hard to reach areas. The optical eye is magnetically coupled with the magnet side measuring only ¼” thick. It can be mounted to most clear, tinted, or painted surfaces up to ½” thick. The sensor operates in the daytime or complete darkness so it’s safe for use hidden inside your aquarium stand or in the back chambers of an all-in-one aquarium. The sensor connects with any HYDROS Sense Port using an aviation-style plug for safe operation. No additional power source needed.

The HYDROS Water Level Sensor can be used in a multitude of ways. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Set one up as a high-level sensor and another as a low-level sensor as part of a dual-sensor ATO system
  • Place one in each of your dosing containers so that you can be alerted when they need to be refilled
  • Place a couple in an ATO reservoir: one to alert your HYDROS when to refill and the other to prevent your reservoir from overflowing
  • Keep your equipment from running dry by having HYDROS cut power to an outlet when the sensor is triggered

  • Use as high level or low level sensor
  • No moving parts
  • Magnetic attachment
  • Easy to place, easy to move, and easy to clean
  • Ultra compact size with endless placement possibilities
  • Operates in daylight and total darkness
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Uses a GX12 aviation-style connector so the Control 2 and Control 4 maintain their IP65-rating (dust-tight and protected from water spray at any angle).
  • Powered, monitored, and controlled by plugging into a Sense Port on the HYDROS Control 2Control 4, or Control XS. No additional power cord is required.
  • Manufactured by AutoAqua, creators of the Smart ATO Micro and an official HYDROS Technology Partner

Water Level Sensor Specifications:

Sensor Dimensions: 1.02" Length x 0.78" Diameter
Magnetic Mount Dimensions: 0.31" Length x 0.78" Diameter
Max Mounting Thickness: 1/2"
Connection: Sense Port on HYDROS Control 2 or Control 4 or Control XS

Manufacturer information

CoralVue Aquarium Supplies
CoralVue, founded in 2002, provides high-quality aquarium lighting at prices any hobbyist can afford. The company was formed by David D’Aquin, an underwater video and lighting expert who has teamed with commercial divers, the U.S. Navy and National Geographic on a variety of projects. D’Aquin took his knowledge of lighting and electronics and focused these passions on creating products for the aquarium industry. In just a short time, CoralVue pioneered the development of the 400-watt double-ended metal halide bulb and the unique color temperature spectrum of ReefLux metal halide bulbs. CoralVue also develops high-quality electronic metal halide ballasts to power their bulbs. They offer ballasts in single, dual, triple and dimmable lamp models. To compliment their line of lighting products, CoralVue entered the protein skimmer and calcium reactor market in 2004.

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