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Innovative Marine HydroFill Ti ATO Return Pump


Item #: 0I10528

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Pair your auto top off with the industry`s first low voltage air lift pump specifically designed for ATO controllers. Engineered for high performance, this external positive displacement diaphragm pump, outputs up to 15 gallons per hour and max 5 feet of head. This self-priming pump is equipped with a built-in check valve to safeguard against back siphoning.

The HydroFill Ti diaphragm pump is the smart alternative when compared to submersible pumps, diaphragm pumps offer the benefit of safely running dry and are thermally protected against heat build-up.

Versatile design offers 3 options for pump placement: hang-on, cabinet mount, or simply place on noise dampening rubber feet.

  • 1-Year Manufacturer`s Warranty
  • Positive Displacement
  • Diaphragm Pump Method
  • Self-Priming
  • Built-in Check valve
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Thermally Protected
  • Low Voltage
  • 1/4" barb fitting
  • Up to 15 Gallons per Hour
  • Pump mounting bracket (Framed Tank Mounting Brackets Sold Separately)

5 Stars


Reviewed on
June 18, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.


Great product

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Reviewed on
July 03, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Efficient ATO Pump

Pros: Compact yet Powerful

Cons: Hanging clips accessory won’t work with round mouth reservoir.

The Innovative Marine (IM) HydroFill Ti ATO Return Pump is a compact return pump for every RO/DI reservoir, specially when it’s paired with the IM HydroFill Ti ATO controller. No syphoning, no water back-up!!! The unit has a built-in non-return valve so you Don’t have to worry about accidental syphoning even when the hose tip is placed below water level (ideally should be place above water level like what you do with dosing tubes). The unit can be hanged or placed on a table top or bucket cover (hanger accessory is included), the unit also employs four rubber foot to reduce vibration and humming though the unit operates in mere silence. Fairly priced for its compact size and usability.

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Reviewed on
December 06, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works Fine

Pros: Works Fine

Cons: Loud

It has good mounting options. The cord was long enough. The pump is loud. I can hear it in the next room over with the door closed. Make sure you get the 1/4 ID tubing. I got the OD on accident and trying to force regular airline tubing to fit will not work.

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Reviewed on
November 12, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great pump

Pros: quite and gets the job done.

Cons: hang on clip broke

I bought this and the IM TI ATO unit as well. The pump is very quite. The only time I have heard it was when I tested it out. It gets the job done and I have it pushing water 4ft vertically. No problem for this pump. The only issue I have had with it is that I broke the plastic part that clips on the tank. My tank has a thick rim and I pulled a little too hard. Used some epoxy and fixed it up. Even with that I would buy again.

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Reviewed on
October 23, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

works great

Pros: works good I never had any problems

Cons: none

works great never had no problems

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Reviewed on
May 28, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: operates wet or dry. It runs my ATO and does it well quietly

Cons: ?

I love this pump! it is very quiet and being out of the water makes life much simpler!
I like it!

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Reviewed on
May 16, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: works well

Cons: Noise

Pump works well. Noisier than expected. Located next to TV, can compete with sound when activates.

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Reviewed on
May 07, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Does what I need it to do when the TOM wasn't enough power. I love that it doesn't need to be inside my reservoir since I just switch out buckets. It's a little noisy, but the pump is powerful so it's only on for a few seconds.

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john cipolletti

Reviewed on
May 15, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice Little Pump

The Ti ATO Return Pump works well with the Ti ATO Controller and fits well on top of the water reservoir in the base of my JBJ Nano Cube Rimless 30. I'd give it five stars, but waiting to see how it holds up over the next few months.

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curtis barger

Reviewed on
January 19, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good Pump

Bought this pump in December of 2015 so as of this writing I've used it about a month with good results. The pump is connected to a Kalk stirrer and it does the job almost to well (had to throttle the flow way down). I also hooked up the unit using the supplied hanger to a wall and its a little loud but not to bad. Overall the pump is reasonably priced and does its job pretty well.

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