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inTank Chamber One Media Basket for Waterbox Cube 10/15/20


Item #: 6R9769

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inTank aquarium-specific designed Media Baskets help improve the filtration and clarity of your aquarium while making maintenance extremely easy. What once was a dreaded chore of chaining filters and diving into the aquarium is now made easy utilizing a 3-Sided Tower Design system. The Media Basket uses the false wall or rear glass to box in once installed forcing water through media.


  • Fits Waterbox Cube 10/15/20 aquariums
  • Easily installs in the intake chamber under the intake grates and hangs on the baffle wall
  • Remove stock filter sock brackets to install - use a razor blade or simply rock up and down, they remove very easily
  • Black in color to hide media from view caused by the Waterbox smoked glass false wall
  • Media basket can be installed with black vertical side facing false or rear wall
  • 3 sided design is "boxed in" once installed forcing water through media
  • Features a bent hanging bracket and a 3 shelf design. The middle shelf is removable
  • Designed for maximum water capture and flow, forces water through filtration media and not just around it
  • inTank Media Baskets make it easy to perform fast filter changes
  • Greatly improves the filtration and clarity of your aquarium
  • Precision CNC laser cut from strong, ultra-durable ABS
  • Media Basket will operate standalone, extra equipment is not necessary


  • Fits Waterbox Cube 10, Cube 15, and Cube 20
  • Height = 12"
  • Length = 3" (without hanger)
  • Depth = 3-1/16"

Manufacturer information

inTank is here to provide high quality products that will make your hobby experience easier, sustainable and more enjoyable. inTank understands this hobby and wants to help you with products that improve your aquarium. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, on topic or off, inTank is here to help you along your experience.

1 Star


Reviewed on
February 21, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

do buy this unless you read the fine print

It didn't fit the first chamber and I realize there is a fine print saying I need to use a razor to remove the filter sock bracket on the tank?

The seal is very tough and using a razor will easily scratch the glass. What are you kidding?

Why not make the basket like 1/8 smaller? I understand there will be gap and letting water go though, but it is 100% better then breaking your tank.

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Reviewed on
February 21, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

do not buy this

read the fine print, you will need to remove the filter sock brackets before you can to install this into the chamber. it is not easy. The seal is tight and you can easily scratch the glass back or damage the tank.
They could make the holder like 1/8 inch smaller and it will fit right in. Yes, it will left some gap and let water run down , but it is better then breaking your tank.

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