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JBJ 12 Gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium with (2) Nite-Vu LED Moonlights

JBJ 12 Gallon Nano Cube Deluxe Aquarium with (2) Nite-Vu LED Moonlights


Item #: JB7133

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The Ultimate Reef-Ready Biotope!

The newly redesigned Nano Cube is now offered in a Deluxe version to meet the needs of the serious reef enthusiast. The New Nano Cube Deluxe offers double the light output of the original model, giving your corals and invertebrates 48 total watts of intense JBJ compact fluorescent illumination. All models come standard with (2) built-in cooling fans to dissipate excess heat, a new highly efficient (Fulham, UL Approved) remote electronic ballast with disconnect cable, and return nozzle for directional flow output.

Advanced Features:

12 Gallon Glass Cube
Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners. The Nano Cube Deluxe offers the ideal dimensions for a mini-reef tank that requires depth for proper rock stacking.

Built-in 3-Stage Filtration
Newly redesigned filtration system allows for better surface skimming and more room in the rear for larger pumps for DIY customers. The filtration compartment is hidden in the rear and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. The three filter compartments include a submersible pump, Bio Balls, activated carbon bag, ceramic ring bag, mechanical sponges, and a modular surface skimmer. All models now include an output return nozzle for directional flow control.

JBJ Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting
Includes (2) 24 watt CF lamps with a durable (Fulham, UL Approved) remote electronic ballast w/ disconnect cable. Offered with our powerful 50/50 lamps for marine tanks and 6500K daylight for plant tanks. Both lamps include UL Approved German "Snap-In" lamp sockets for easy bulb install and removals. Installed with splash guard lens for lamp protection.

CE Approved
Manufactured with the highest quality components for trouble free performance.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 15.8" (L) x 13.8" (W) x 14.8" (H)
Capacity 12 gallons
Power Supply AC110V-60Hz
Lift 0.8m
Included Lighting  (2x) 24 Watt 50/50 CF Lamp + Remote Ballast
(2x) Nite Vu LED Moonlights
Included Pump Nano-Cube Original (148 GPH)
Included Filtration Bio Balls, Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings, and Mechanical Sponge
Modular Surface Skimmer (M.S.S)
Output return nozzle for directional flow control

Manufacturer information

JBJ is a top-of-mind brand name in freshwater and saltwater aquarium supplies. The company is committed to innovation and manufacturing only the absolute highest quality equipment. JBJ’s philosophy is "to create products that provide extra value" to hobbyists. JBJ produces hundreds of aquarium products including lights, filters, heaters, UV sterilizers, wavemakers and top-off systems. The company is best known for their affordable line of Arctica chillers and the best-selling Nano Cube aquarium series. We carry the gamut of JBJ products and accessories and are happy to provide you free technical support while you’re setting up your new equipment.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
March 31, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Look elsewhere

Pros: Cheap, easy all-in-one solution

Cons: Cheap plastic. Cheap lights. Hard to clean. Difficult to upgrade.

I almost started this review by saying that "This review is for the old version with PC lighting", but I noticed that they're STILL selling this with PC lighting. A small LED fixture would probably work really well here, but they're really going "old school". Sad.
The plastic in this tank - especially the interior dividers - is very flimsy.
Those curved corners look really cool until you're trying to see THROUGH them. Everything is blurry for 2-3 inches in the corners, and they're a PITA to clean - no flat surfaces for a scraper to reach.
For about $200, I'd choose an Innovative Marine 10 and something like a Kessil A80 instead. That's a no brainer. I'd probably spend about $100 more to get an AI Prime. Yeah, that's 50% more than this JBJ, but it would be 100% better at growing corals, and IMHO would be better looking, easier to use, and a lot less frustrating.

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Reviewed on
March 05, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Easy setup to setup and maintain

Cons: Limited expandabilty/ customization

Great little AIO tank, simple to setup and maintain which is nice for the beginner/ intermediate aquarist.

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