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JG 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch Bulkhead - Grey

JG 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch Bulkhead - Grey

Item #: RO5411

We no longer carry this item

JG 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch Bulkhead

Color: Gray

John Guest Part# : PI1208S
Flange - Tube O.D.: 1/4"
Bottom - Tube O.D.: 1/4"
Min Hole Size: 41/64" Max Hole Size: 49/64"

How to make a connection:
  1. Cut tube square.
    It is essential that the outside diameter be free of score marks and that burrs and sharp edges be removed before inserting into fitting. For soft or thin walled plastic tubing we recommend the use of a tube insert.
  2. Insert tube.
    Fitting grips before it seals. Ensure tube is pushed in to the tube stop.
  3. Push up to tube stop.
    Push the tube into the fitting, to the tube stop. The collet (gripper) has stainless steel teeth which hold the tube firmly in position while the "O" ring provides a permanent leak proof seal.
  4. Pull to check secure.
    Pull on the tube to check it is secure. It is good practice to test the system prior to leaving site and/or before use.
Push in Collet and remove tube.
To disconnect, ensure the system is depressurized before removing fitting. Push in collet squarely against face of fitting. With the Collet held in this position, the tube can be removed. The fitting can then be reused.

Manufacturer information

John Guest
In 1961 John Guest`s vision was to run a company with innovation, quality and sustainable growth to be at the core of the organization’s principles.

In 1974, John Guest developed his first push in tube connector for use with compressed air. That basic "Super Speedfit" concept has been developed to include fittings for a wide range of applications.

John Guest`s World Headquarters are located in the UK where all their fittings are designed, manufactured and distributed throughout the world.


Reviewed on
March 28, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

JG 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch Bulkhead - Grey

Pros: multi use

Cons: metal parts

Worked great for my DIY ATO reservoir. Does not leak and stays in place.

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rudy guerra

Reviewed on
June 29, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

JG 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch Bulkhea

These John Guest bulkheads are some of the best and easiest to use. They are easy to install and don't seem to leak at all. I've installed a few in my RO and top off system and haven't had a problem. I would recommend this product.

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robert tolz

Reviewed on
August 22, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

Not for submerged use

For its intended use, I'm sure this part is great. How could JG not be?However, it is NOT intended for the use that it appears most people are trying to use it for.I came by the website to look for something like this for an auto-topoff system. Doing a little more research elsewhere, I found John Guest's catalog, which specifically states that this bulkhead is not for submerged use. So, it's not designed to be at the bottom of a trashcan-reservoir for ATO purposes.

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douglas christian

Reviewed on
March 14, 2009

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good Stuff

Good well thought out product. The only thing I found missing is a o-ring seal.

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willie mcdaries

Reviewed on
February 21, 2009

Yes, I would recommend this.

auto top off

I drilled a 5/8 in. hole in the side of a 5 gallon bucket near the bottom and installed this in it,connected(with 1/4in. tubing like is used for RO/DI filters)to a Kent float valve in my sump for auto top off,I set the bucket on a table next to my sump for gravity flow,it works great. I did add 1.5 to 2 gallons a day,now I just fill the bucket every other day. My water level in my sump hasn't changed since I did this. I would have gave it a 5 star rating if it had came with a rubber gasket.

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kevin ingold

Reviewed on
October 10, 2007

Yes, I would recommend this.

1/4 bulkhead

the part was fine just surprised it did not come with o rings or washers

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