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Kent Marine Micro-Vert 8 oz.

Kent Marine Micro-Vert 8 oz.


Item #: KM3451

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Kent Micro Vert contains a nutritionally balanced diet for corals, sponges, anemones, gorgonians, feather dusters, clams and other fine filter feeders. It is rich in vitamins and natural minerals from spirulina and kelp. Other products have not been properly preserved and smelled rotten, or were preserved with harsh, non food grade chemicals that smell like medicated mouthwash. Who wants to put these products into their expensive and sensitive marine aquarium? Kent Micro Vert is properly preserved, with preservatives reserved for human food use. It has a long shelf life without refrigeration and will provide superior results, just smell the difference!

Shake well immediately before use.

Invertebrate foods should be used sparingly in a marine aquarium, to prevent loss of water quality! Add 1 to 3 drops per gallon of aquarium water, up to 3 times a week (this is equal to 1/2 to 1-1/2 teaspoons or capfuls in a 55 gallon aquarium).

Nitrite testing will warn of overdosing.

Target Method:
Individual animals may be targeted with this product and this is the most efficient method. It also causes less pollution in the aquarium. To do this, purchase a plastic syringe at any drug store. Fill the syringe with Kent Micro Vert Invertebrate food and dispense, as necessary where the product will flow over the animal. Do not touch the animal with the syringe. Do not contaminate this product with aquarium water by inserting syringe into this container!

Considerations for use:
At a minimum supply additional calcium through Kent Marine Kalkwasser Mix, Liquid Calcium or Turbo-Calcium and use Strontium & Molybdenum Supplement. Kent Marine Essential Elements and Coral-Vite will greatly enhance the keeping of marine invertebrates. If large numbers of invertebrates are kept, also use Kent Tech I to supply additional iodine. Live corals require strong lighting, with proper spectrum and immaculately clean systems. Regular water changes are encouraged. Use Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH to control alkalinity and prevent pH swings.

Deionized water, fish meal, whole egg solids, casein, yeast, fish oils, spirulina, kelp, potassium iodide, calcium iodide, dipotassium ascorbate, thiamine hydrochloride, niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sodium carbonate, calcium pantothenate, choline chloride, vitamin A propionate, vitamin A palmitate, riboflavin, folic acid, cholecalciferol, sodium EDTA, ferric chloride, natural and artificial colors, menadione sodium bisulfite complex, tocopherol, vitamin B12, biotin, preservatives.

Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children!

Manufacturer information

Kent Marine Aquarium Supplies
Kent Marine was established by aquatic hobbyists who saw a need for products that aid the user in creating the most natural enclosed marine and freshwater environment possible. From vitamin and mineral supplements to nutritional products and filter media, Kent Marine set the benchmark and was one of the first in the aquatic industry to provide these unique solutions. For the past 15 years, Kent Marine has been committed to providing effective ways to keep beautiful, healthy aquariums. Through continuous research, testing and development, new products like salt mix, scrapers and reverse osmosis filtration were brought into the Kent Marine family.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
July 31, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


I have used this in my 50 gallon tank and the corals are even more beautiful. Doesn't mess with my water quality. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful? 2 0

earl harman

Reviewed on
July 29, 2012

Yes, I would recommend this.

Fish like it

I think it is good, the fish seem to like it as well as the corals.

Was this review helpful? 2 0

pamela heinecke

Reviewed on
September 05, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Product

We are just starting our 180 gallon reef tank and Micro-Vert really gave our live rock a jump start. After using the product, the life just seemed to start springing up all over the tank. I'm so glad we chose this food to get all of our tiny babies happy and healthy. it is very simple to use. The instructions are very clear.

Was this review helpful? 3 0


Reviewed on
July 19, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.


I have only used this once but when I did, it spiked my Nitrite levels.

Was this review helpful? 1 0


Reviewed on
July 31, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

Tried and True

Nothing but the best!

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sandy shiflet

Reviewed on
April 14, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.


Kent Marine Micro-vert is a great product. I have been using it in my 150 gal tank for 6 months along with Kent Marine's Marine-C, PhytoMax, ZooMax, and Lugol's Soution and my reef is flourishg grandly. My corals look great and are spreading across the reef.

Was this review helpful? 1 0

charles bobek

Reviewed on
December 10, 2007

Yes, I would recommend this.

Staple for Marine Tanks

A good all purpose feed for marine corals and inverts. My clams love it. Easy to overfeed so be careful and remember to clean protein skimmes often when using.

Was this review helpful? 9 0


Reviewed on
June 29, 2007

Yes, I would recommend this.


I think this stuff is great. I mean it's not as if your feather dusters can tell you whether or not they like. Mine just seem to be doing well. Wish they had the super-condences drops like they do in other coral feeding products.

Was this review helpful? 2 0

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