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Lifegard Aquatics Pre-Set Quartz Heater - 25 Watt

Lifegard Aquatics Pre-Set Quartz Heater - 25 Watt


Item #: RB31550

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Quartz Glass tube, 6’ cord and suction cup mounting brackets.

Submersible Shatterproof Quartz Heater safe for Freshwater and Saltwater tanks. Pre Calibrated and set to 78° with no temperature adjustment needed after installation. LED Power Indicator Light showing operation. 120V 60 Hz energy efficient operation.

Model Length Amps Recommended Tank Size
25 Watt 5.11" 0.21 Up to 10 Gallon Tanks
50 Watt 5.11" 0.42 10-20 Gallon Tanks
100 Watt 5.90" 0.83 30-45 Gallon Tanks
200 Watt 8.66" 1.67 65-85 Gallon Tanks

Manufacturer information

Lifegard Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
Lifegard Aquatics manufactures and supplies a complete line of aquarium, pond, water garden and aquaculture products for the advanced aquarist, pond owner, professional landscaper or contractor. Their proven quality products include life support systems for salt or freshwater use in large or small aquariums, outdoor ponds, fountains and water gardens, as well as fish hatcheries or other commercial installations. Lifegard Aquatic’s product line features filtration units, ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers, pumps of every conceivable size and performance, automatic fish feeders, digital thermometers, filter media, Fittings, valves and other support equipment required for maintaining indoor or outdoor installations.

2 Stars


Reviewed on
May 23, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Not Reliable

Pros: No need to adjust temperature.

Cons: Does not last very long.

Purchased the 200 Watt for my 75 gallon reef tank. Thought a preset would be a good idea. It lasted about 4 months, then would not turn on. Warranty replaced with an adjustable temperature heater??? which is very difficult to adjust.

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Reviewed on
March 13, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Not a dependable choice.

Pros: No adjustments necessary

Cons: Does not last very long (2.5 months)

I thought that a pre-set heater would be a good idea for my 75 Gallon Reef tank. Unfortunately it died after 2.5 months. I contacted the manufacturer and they had me send my invoice to prove when and where I purchased it. After 3 days they got back to me and asked me to send it back to them (RMA). It will cost $8.00 to send the $17.99 heater back to them for evaluation. They would not issue a return postage label. This seems excessive to me. As it has no adjustable parts, you just plug it in and it either works or not. Why couldn't they send a replacement and include a return label for the defective heater.

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Reviewed on
November 28, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.


I bought this heater from MD on 10-15-17, It no longer heats my aquarium. It worked fine for less than a month. The amber light stays on. Total waste of money.

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Reviewed on
November 09, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

simple and affective

Pros: Easy!

I Use this in my Koi tank i have outside and it is simple and easy, plug and play.

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