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Lifegard Aquatics Turbo Media Reactor with Quiet One 800 Pump - Medium Side Flow

Lifegard Aquatics Turbo Media Reactor with Quiet One 800 Pump - Medium Side Flow


Item #: RB31677

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All Lifegard Turbo Reactors are engineered to the highest quality and efficiency to promote the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and Enzymes. They name TURBO is due to a unique high flow spinning action to provide the highest water quality in a short time. This is not your average media reactors with a lazy flow through. The internal mechanism provides a unique anti-clumping spiral flow that maximizes the media contact time as well as greater flow through the media. Resulting in an accelerated chemical and biological filtration to quickly remove nitrates, Phosphates, Slime Algae and other nuisance algae for a marine or freshwater aquarium.

Our design allows the ease of maintenance. Whether you want to change, add or mix media, simply unscrew the plastic screws on the top to remove the top cover and it opens up for full access. Turbo Reactors are designed to run Bio-pellets of ALL shapes and sizes, GFO, Carbon etc. It comes with diffuser plates and 2 pieces of foam for GFO and other fine filter media.

  • Hand crafted from high quality acrylic for use with Bio-Pellets, GFO, or Carbon
  • High quality, Quiet and Energy Efficient Quiet One Pump for maximized performance
  • Built-In Flow control
  • Easy out of the box Setup. No need for any flexible tubes, PVC pipes, ball valves or other fitting that clutter the limited space under the tank
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Small Foot print to fit minimum space


Anti-clumping design: utilizing a full distribution plate, our reactors give unmatched bio-pellet tumbling and flow distribution. Using a fully perforated specially patterned distribution and return plate, our reactors are high speed yet, gentle as the water comes up in a “vortex” style stream. The “vortex” style stream causes excess agitation to the Bio-pellets and other media hence increasing the media efficiency.

BIO PELLETS are specially formulated media designed to promote the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria and associated Enzymes. They are suitable for all types of Marine and Freshwater Aquaria. Bio Pellets work by encouraging the growth of bacteria and enzymes on their surface. The process growing bacteria and enzymes on the Bio Pellets takes time. It depends on how established is the aquarium. Patience is necessary. Shutting down the Reactor will reduce or even destroy the Nitrifying bacteria and enzymes. Over time the Bio Pellets may reduce in size or even disappear. It is recommended to add new Bio Pellets once this is noticed.

Sizes and Specification
Model Length Width Height Pump Size Media Capacity System Capacity
Nano Side Flow 3.15" 3.15" 13.70" Quiet One 400 103 GPH 250 ml Up to 75 Gallon
Medium Side Flow 4.70" 4.15" 15.75" Quiet One 800 240 GPH 450 ml 75 – 150 Gallon
Large Side Flow 7.90" 5.68" 17.60" Quiet One 1200 240 GPH 750 ml 150 – 250 Gallon
X-Large Side Flow 9.10" 6.85" 19.45" Quiet One 4000 1022 GPH 1200 ml 250 – 850 Gallon

Manufacturer information

Lifegard Aquatics Aquarium Supplies
Lifegard Aquatics manufactures and supplies a complete line of aquarium, pond, water garden and aquaculture products for the advanced aquarist, pond owner, professional landscaper or contractor. Their proven quality products include life support systems for salt or freshwater use in large or small aquariums, outdoor ponds, fountains and water gardens, as well as fish hatcheries or other commercial installations. Lifegard Aquatic’s product line features filtration units, ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers, pumps of every conceivable size and performance, automatic fish feeders, digital thermometers, filter media, Fittings, valves and other support equipment required for maintaining indoor or outdoor installations.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
December 16, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

It's a BUST

Pros: None

Cons: MANY

Do to the large pore size of the included filter pads. You can not run ROX carbon or High capacity GFO in this reactor. It goes right through the sponges and into the tank. In order to use that media< I have to place it in a filter bag. SO I am basically right back where I started, just out the money for a useless reactor. Also, the design of the pump placement is TERRIBLE. A complete and total cheap design.

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Reviewed on
May 12, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Quiet pump not so quiet...

Pros: Nice design and compact footprint.

Cons: Pump is horrendously loud. It sounds like cement mixer. I replaced it with a MJ 1200.

The construction of the reactor is solid and design is exactly what I was looking for in a carbon reactor. I didn’t want my carbon reactor attached to my manifold as carbon is used on an as needed basis. This slick design allows me to drop it in, clean my water, and pull it out.

The pump is horrendously loud. I replaced it with a MJ 1200.

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Reviewed on
May 14, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice Size

Pros: Easy to disassemble, keeping my pearl moving.

Cons: No tubing needed

Very quiet and easy to clean

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Reviewed on
May 14, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Love it

Pros: Easy to diassembly

Cons: No tubing needed

Very quiet, easy to clean and just right for my pearl .

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Reviewed on
December 17, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great performance, easy to use!

Pros: Easy to set-up, clean and use. Very effective. Well built with quiet pump. Easy to change/refresh media.

Cons: Need to add extra foam filters when using media you don't want to tumble, but really no big deal.

The all-in-one design makes this easy to use- just put it in the sump and turn it on. Made a difference in my 93G in a few days. I use with GFO/Carbon mix. If using it this way, fill from the bottom and add a foam filter below it. Really simple to set-up an maintain. Buying another for my 65G.

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Reviewed on
September 21, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Easy to setup, quiet, and very efficient with keeping the pellets moving! Awesome product.

Was this review helpful? 4 0

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