Live Goods for Aquariums

Get live aquarium goods: phytoplankton and copepods, reef cleaners, macroalgae, designer clownfish and aquarium plants for sale.

Microorganisms promote health in saltwater aquaria. Copepods eat waste and become natural fish food. Phytoplankton feed coral and other organisms. Zooxanthellae help repair coral bleaching.

A saltwater clean up crew performs tank maintenance. A turbo snail, astrea snail, and scarlet hermit crab will eat algae, while a cerith snail or nassarius snail will consume waste and turn the sand. A well rounded cleaning crew makes a significant difference in aquarium health. A reef clean up crew must be periodically replenished.

Macroalgae, like chaetomorpha or Caulerpa, are grown in a refugium or macroalgae reactor to rob nuisance algae of nutrients for growth.

Buy live freshwater aquarium plants to start a planted aquarium, including low light aquarium plants and other aquarium plants for beginners, as well as high light freshwater plants.
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The Pod Habitat - IceCap

The Pod Habitat - IceCap