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Cleaner Crews for Aquariums

Are you looking for saltwater clean up crew packages? One of the great joys of owning a saltwater aquarium is filling it with invertebrates that are fun to watch and clean the fish tank. You will want a mix of reef safe cleaners that will eat algae and waste on the glass, on the rock, and in the sand. A mix of turbo snail, trochus snail, and astrea snail will keep the glass and rock clean, while cerith snail and nassarius snail will clean the sand bed. Reef safe red leg hermit crabs, aka scarlet hermit crabs, consume a lot of detritus and algae. A cleaner shrimp will also consume detritus while caring for your fish, and peppermint shrimp are great for tackling pest anemones like aiptasia.

Remember to add to your cleanup crew occasionally to keep your reef in great shape.
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