Pods and Phyto for Aquariums

Some fish are especially finicky and only eat live food. These are expert care fish that generally belong in the wild. For these species, live fish food is a must. However, many marine fish benefit from a live food source. A live copepod starter kit will seed your saltwater aquarium with microorganisms that eat waste and become fish food. You can also buy live phytoplankton to feed your marine coral and microorganisms.

Want to know what causes coral bleaching? Zooxanthellae are symbiotic organisms that produce coral color. A stressed coral will expel zooxanthellae. In addition to relieving the stress that caused bleaching, you can buy live zooxanthellae to help restore bleached coral, as long as it is still alive.
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AlgaGen PhycoPure SeaPro Live Frozen Algae 50 mL

AlgaGen PhycoPure SeaPro Live Frozen Algae 50 mL