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Loc-Line 3/4 Inch Hose Assembly Pliers


Item #: LL1333

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Part# : 78004
Description: 3/4 Ball-Socket Inch Hose Assembly Pliers (Loc-Line)

Manufacturer information

Loc-Line Aquarium Supplies
Loc-Line is the originator of the modular hose system. They offer a selection of hose sizes, various nozzles, connectors and accessories that can be assembled to optimize liquid, air, vacuum and gooseneck applications. After years of being frustrated by metal coolant hoses that never would stay where they were aimed and plastic hoses with metal positioning rods that broke, Arnold Lockwood conceived the idea for a modular hose that became Loc-Line. In 1981 Lockwood Products was started to develop that idea and the first Loc-Line was shipped in August of 1983. It quickly became the standard for low pressure coolant delivery and equally as quickly spread around the world.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
November 07, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Limited use

Its used to connect 1 size Loc Line. Thats it. Id expect for the price it would help in disassembly too, but no. Very limited use for such a costly piece.

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Reviewed on
May 23, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works as advertised!

Pros: Easy to use.

Cons: Can't use for disassembly.

Very easy to use, makes assembly of tubing a snap!

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Reviewed on
May 17, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


The tool does have some play/flex when forcing loc line together or apart, you just have to give it some extra muscle to accomplish.

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barbara donaldson

Reviewed on
June 05, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great tool

A great tool. I couldn't get the lock line to snap together so I ordered this tool and I was able to put together the sections to customize the length to what I wanted.

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Reviewed on
February 13, 2012

Yes, I would recommend this.

Limited application

Loc-Line is a great product and this tool is valued in connecting line segments together. It does not appear to help in taking segments apart, which one would have expected. I was disappointed it was only useful in connecting the one size line, and nothing else. Seems a bit costly for the limited use. I have a return in a hard to reach place and wanted to take of the nozzle and add 6 inches of line. This helps in adding the line, but removing the nozzle had to be done by hand and was a pain as there was no room for leverage (line comes up through a rock pile with only limited room without tearign down half the rock pile).

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Reviewed on
September 08, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good item

Even, item is cheap and shipping is high~ But it really good and can work good! Recommend to another

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david harris

Reviewed on
April 01, 2008

Yes, I would recommend this.

Loc-Line Pliers

A great product that works very well. At first I was shocked that the pliers were made of a hard plastic, but then after using them a while I really noticed they are made of a thick casting and are definitely safe from breakage when used as intended. Plus they will be safe around my reef tanks with out fear of rust like metal pliers. I do not believe metal pliers could be sold at the reasonable price charged by Marine Depot for these Loc-Line pliers.

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Reviewed on
December 28, 2007

No, I would not recommend this.

Poor product.

Don't waste your money on this extremely poor product. They barely work to attach links and don't work at all to disconnect links. You are better off wrapping the links in a towel and pushing them against a hard surface.

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tim watkins

Reviewed on
June 12, 2007

Yes, I would recommend this.

Loc-Line 3/4 Pliers

A must have,as well as the 1/2 pliers. After laying out all loc-line parts for the 8 returns in my new 400 gal. salt water tank, assembly of 142" of loc-line parts took less than 30 min. with the pliers. With out them I'm sure I would have broken something, most likely my hand. However, the pliers can not be used on a few loc-line parts such as the in-line ball valves because the pliers will not fit over the housing of the valve. Still, the all plastic pliers (great for salt water use) are a"Must Have"

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