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Mag-Float Mag-Clip Feeding Clip for Small and Medium Magnet Cleaners


Item #: MF1287

Temporarily Out of Stock

Mag-Clip Feeding Clip for Small and Medium Magnet Cleaners - Mag-Float

Tired of your seaweed clip losing suction or having to reach into the tank when it falls?  The new Mag-Clip will help solve that problem.

Easily attaching to your Mag-Float, the Mag-Clip allows your grazing inhabitants to tear away at pieces of seaweed without the feeding clip moving or falling from the glass.


  • Clips onto Small or Medium Mag-Float sizes
  • Works on both Glass & Acrylic Mag-Float models 

Manufacturer information

Mag-Float Aquarium Supplies
Mag-Float is owned by Gulfstream Tropical Aquarium, a South Florida business established in 1964. Originally the company`s focus was distributing live brine shrimp, ghost shrimp, blackworms, frozen fish food, live phytoplankton, live feeders freshwater fish and aquatic plants. The company`s signature product line, patented Mag-Float floating magnet aquarium cleaners, were named the most innovative invention in the aquatic industry in 2000. The following year the company began distributing their products nationally and internationally. More recently the company unveiled a line of fresh and saltwater aquarium water conditioners, treatments and buffers under the moniker Mag-Float Labs and introduced the Mag-Flip, a magnet aquarium cleaner with a scraper for more stubborn algae.

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