Aquarium Maintenance & Fish Tank Maintenance

Maintenance Products
Algae Magnet Cleaner
Floating and non-floating algae scrapers. These algae cleaners allow you to clean the algae off your tank without having to get your hands wet. For glass and acrylic tanks.
Algae Pads
Hand-held algae pads for glass or acrylic aquariums. Heavy duty pads help to remove algae and other deposits from your aquarium.
Algae Scrubber/Scraper Pads
For your deeper aquariums or simply to help keep your hands dry, algae scrubber pads on a long handle. For acrylic and glass aquarium.
Aquarium Cleaner/Polisher
The anti-static formula cleans the aquarium to a sparkling shine and applies a revolutionary protective glaze. For acrylic and glass aquarium.
Aquarium Journal: Marine Edition
A complete record-keeping system to help ensure your success as a marine aquarist at any skill level. Contains a sturdy, water resistant, refillable binder.
Brush Set
Bristle style brushes ideal for cleaning tubing, pumps, powerheads, rock surface and any other items in your tank. Helps to reach those hard to get to areas.
Equipment Cleaners
Cleaning compounds developed to remove calcareous deposits leaving your equipment looking like new. Also, cleaning tools to keep your pumps, filters & skimmers clean and working properly.
Gravel Vacuum Cleaner
A great, must have tool for cleaning the gravel in your aquarium while performing the necessary water change at the same time.
Kent Marine Proscrapers
Handheld blade style scrapers available for glass or acrylic aquariums. Available in different length handles that will cut through the toughest algae.
Plant Tweezers/Tongs
Ideal for general tank maintenance such as planting purposes, moving & arranging decorations, and more without having to get your hands wet.
Protective Gloves
Designed to allow the hobbyist to work safely and efficiently inside the aquarium with no danger of water contamination. Protect yourself and your aquarium inhabitants.
Scratch Removal Kit
Removes scratches from acrylic aquariums. Can be used wet or dry even underwater. Restores your acrylic aquarium to its original new luster!
Water Containers
Water containers for you saltwater, RO water, or DI water.
Keeping an aquarium clean is easy if you have the right tools. We have the exact aquarium maintenance products you’ll need to keep your glass algae free and your substrate vacuumed.

We have dozens of algae scrapers, algae magnets and gravel cleaners to help you maintain a sparkling tank. We also carry a large variety of cleaning brushes for your filters and pumps. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your equipment and keep everything running quietly and efficiently.

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