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Marine Depot Clear Refillable 10-Inch Cartridge for DI Resin


Item #: CP1621

In Stock

Standard 10-Inch refillable cartridge for DI Resin with Twist-Off Cap

A great way to save money by using a refillable cartridge. Simply discard the DI resin once exhausted and new resin. Be sure to make sure new resin is tightly packed to avoid channeling / bypass.

Fits standard 10-inch cartridges: such as AquaticLife, Marine Depot, Kent Marine, SpectraPure.

Manufacturer information

Marine Depot was started in 1998 by a self-professed reef geek and pre-med student Ken Wong. Ken envisioned a one-stop shop where customers could find everything they needed, from technical product specifications, reef aquarium information, expert advice on the hobby and friendly one-on-one customer support. Having grown from a one-man crew to being one of the world’s largest suppliers of reef and marine aquarium products, this very core philosophy still lives strong in the Marine Depot culture 20 years later.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
May 15, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great upgrade to to and reactor

Pros: Easy to clean

Cons: Inside top filter slows down flow took mine out

I added these to all my reactors and my 6 stage RO easy to clean and set up

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guy genung

Reviewed on
May 20, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Reusable cartridge

These are great and easy to use. Saves a lot of money for me.

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cynthia j jones

Reviewed on
February 18, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

di cartridge

These fit in a standard 10 inch outer canister with no modification needed. I have mine at the end of the 4 stages(I will be adding a fifth for a second DI cartridge later) set up with 3/4 in piping. There is no RO unit, just a 1 micron filter, 5 micron carbon filter and a phosphate/ silica removal resin in the third. So far after only 30 gallons run through there are no detectable solids per the TDS meter. The only complaint I had was it lacked space for the last tablespoon of resin. Its possible I didn't pack the resin tight enough to begin with. I especially like the idea of refilling one cartridge instead of throwing all that plastic away each time. This is a well made item and should last for years.

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