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Marine Depot Elite Sump by Trigger Systems - 36 inch


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Item #: MD81690

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Trigger Systems specializes in aquarium sump manufacturing and are based here in the USA (Dallas, TX). All Trigger sumps come with a full top support brace which is made of a solid piece of material to prevent bowing over time from the humidity and water pressure. They also round the corners instead of squaring them which exponentially increases the strength of the corners.


  • 2 x 100 Micron filter sock - 7" diameter w/ countersunk locking holder
  • Three 1" drain inputs
  • Five ¼" quick disconnect fittings with rigid pipe for dosing/top-off
  • Four port probe holder with securing O-rings
  • Adjustable water level in skimmer chamber
  • Configurable chamber for refugium or ATO reservoir
  • Heater holder
  • Cable organizer/holder
  • Distribution/silencing drip plate with foam block pre-filter
  • Laser engraved water level indicator
  • Dual Filter media chamber with foam block pre-filter
Adjustable Water Level
Water level in the sump is adjustable from 7" to 9.5". This feature is to accommodate for the water height requirements for different protein skimmers.

Locking Filter Sock Holder
Filter socks snap and lock into the filter sock holders to secure the filter sock from falling out when it becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The two 7" filter socks are 100 micron rating.

Probe Holders
These sumps come with a probe holder that can hold up to four probes. The holes are 0.63" in diameter.



Marine Depot Elite 30"

Marine Depot Elite 36"

Dimensions (l x w x h) 30" x 14" x 15" 36" x 18" x 15"
Skimmer Section 9" x 13.5" 11" x 17.5"
Skimmer Section Water Level 7" - 9.5" (adjustable baffle) 7" - 9.5" (adjustable baffle)
Refugium / ATO Chamber 5" x 13.5" x 12" 6" x 17.5" x 12"
Refugium / ATO Volume3.5 gallons (approximately)5.5 gallons (approximately)
Filter Socks 1 - 7" filter socks 2 - 7" filter socks
Return pump 5" x 13.5" 6" x 17.5"

Manufacturer information

Marine Depot was started in 1998 by a self-professed reef geek and pre-med student Ken Wong. Ken envisioned a one-stop shop where customers could find everything they needed, from technical product specifications, reef aquarium information, expert advice on the hobby and friendly one-on-one customer support. Having grown from a one-man crew to being one of the world’s largest suppliers of reef and marine aquarium products, this very core philosophy still lives strong in the Marine Depot culture 20 years later.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
February 28, 2021

Yes, I would recommend this.

Awesome Trigger Sump

Pros: Ease of use, skimmer section water level adjustment, refugium section, size of return pump chamber

Cons: None

Been waiting to buy just the right sump and Marine Depot knocked it out of the park with this one! The change in configuration between the skimmer and refugium sections so copos don't get sucked up is a game changer for people that keep mandarins and blennys. I couldn't be happier with this sump. Awesome quality and easy to adjust the water level for the skimmer. The return pump section is large enough to fit a second pump for safety back up.

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Reviewed on
May 22, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Still small enough footprint and there’s a spot for all major equipment

Cons: Nothing yet

Thought was really put into this sump. Everything has a place to utilize from. Nice having the filter socks placed in front so they are easy to service. Not a fan of the regular Trigger Sumps having the logo cutout from skimmer section to the refugium only because I don’t want my fish and other critters getting sucked up in the skimmer. I went with the MD Exclusive because of its separate Ato/Refugium design.

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Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: all good

Cons: not free lol

this is the best sump

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Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

wow nice sump!

Pros: so nice

Cons: none


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Reviewed on
May 22, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Awesome Sump

I love the color, 7" filter socks, and the dual filter media chamber is awesome. I am going to configurable the chamber for a refugium.

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Reviewed on
October 13, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.

Sump is nice, service is not

Pros: Nice piece

Cons: Missing pieces & customer service was not a help at all.

Received my sump promptly a week after ordering and it is a very nice piece of equipment, however I am missing parts to it and rather than marine depot handling the problem off of a $600 purchase, they directed me by saying “ we have no more sorry, contact triggersystem support”... really unfortunate to see that’s how they handle their customer service especially when they advertise the sump as a “marine depot “ elite sump.. will be going to other distributors for future purchases. Doubt this review will even post to the site...

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Reviewed on
September 15, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Beautiful sump

Perfectly well thought out design that looks great to boot. Real high quality acrylic is used here, and it really shows. The refugium setup is a great idea. I'm using the outlet from my UV to fill it making plumbing much more simpler in my application.

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Reviewed on
August 26, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

A Beauty

Pros: Everything you need in a sump, all the details were capture

Cons: maybe assumptions were made that everyone will want drain pipes of 1.25 inches

This sump is a great and multi-facted sump with all the bells and whistles. The ATO/Refuge is a nice touch. Very big sump in person and high-grade quality.

Was this review helpful? 4 0

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