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Marine Depot KleanWater 6-Stage Advanced RO/DI System - 100 GPD


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Item #: MD9119

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We have assembled a high quality yet economical water purifying system that turns ordinary tap water into ultra-pure, zero-TDS, water for your aquarium. Harmful impurities such as nitrates, phosphates, silicates, pesticides, heavy metals are removed though filtration and absorption; leaving behind KleanWater as nature intended!

6-Stage KleanWater Advanced RO/DI System Features
  • High Silicate Rejection TFC Membrane
  • 1-Micron Sediment Filter
  • Two High-Capacity Carbon Block Cartridges with chloramine-removal capabilities
  • Two Nuclear-Grade Mix-Bed DI Resin Cartridges Ensures Zero TDS Water
  • Pressure Gauge to Monitor Pre-Filter Performance
  • Triple-TDS Monitor to Measure System Performance (1. water inlet 2. RO output 3. DI output)
  • Manual Flush Kit to Extend TFC Membrane Life
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • One-year warranty
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • Filter Wrench for filter removal
  • 6’ of tubing for inlet and outlets
  • Instruction Manual
Note: A flush valve can significantly enhance the life of TFC membrane by flushing out any harmful impurity from the membrane.

Manufacturer information

Marine Depot was started in 1998 by a self-professed reef geek and pre-med student Ken Wong. Ken envisioned a one-stop shop where customers could find everything they needed, from technical product specifications, reef aquarium information, expert advice on the hobby and friendly one-on-one customer support. Having grown from a one-man crew to being one of the world’s largest suppliers of reef and marine aquarium products, this very core philosophy still lives strong in the Marine Depot culture 20 years later.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
May 05, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Great if it comes the way you order it!

Cons: n/a

I received the product, the flush valve was missing and the fitting on one of the DI canisters was broken. For the amount of money you pay for a product I would expect it to be ready when I receive it.

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Reviewed on
April 09, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Life saver

Pros: easy to follow instructions

Cons: n/a

I love my new system and the customer service was absolutely fantastic in helping me set the system up the right way.

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Reviewed on
August 02, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Not impressed

Pros: None

Cons: TDS meter takes a while to work, requires booster pump to work sufficiently, no faucet adapter

Purchased to use with sink well water. Product requires higher than 45psi to work properly. Our pressure is pretty solid, but was not enough to get sufficient amount of water out of it. It ran for about 2 hours and I had maybe half a gallon of finished water with 1 as the tds reading. Also does NOT come with adapter for faucet. Went to 5 different stores before finding a temporary fix to run through sink faucet. If you go with this you will need a booster pump also.

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Reviewed on
February 27, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Easy to use

Cons: None

I’ve been using this rodi unit for 3 years with no problems. My supply water is usually between 300 to 350 TDS. Output from RO membrane is usually 5 to 10 TDS. The output water has always been 0 TDS

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Reviewed on
January 22, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Love this

this has been wonderful, My water isn't as bad as I thought as it's only 100 tds compared to others.

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Reviewed on
April 29, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great product, limited warranty/support

Pros: Works to bring 0 TDS water. Conveniently made extras. Well made, generally speaking.

Cons: Limited support for direct replacements of broken/leaking parts. Zero help if something goes wrong and you try to claim a warranty.

This works great as it has turned my 114 TDS water into 3 TDS (after the RO membrane) and 0 TDS after the DI Resin cartridges. The quick connect fittings are nice and the 3-way TDS meter is useful to see how the water progresses through the membrane and the DI filters. The pressure gauge is also conveniently located to monitor the PSI of the system.

On the down side, there was a few small leaks after I installed a booster pump to run the KleanWater system at 80 PSI. 80 PSI is within the specs, according to the manual. This company doesn't sell direct replacement cartridges/tops to fix this issue and they recommended I purchase one of their generic canisters to fix a problem that was bought just a few weeks ago.

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Reviewed on
December 12, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


It's great was really easy to work and has been doing a great job at giving me perfect water!

Fits snug as a bug under my bathroom sink!

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Reviewed on
November 20, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Easy installation. Look forward to using for my reef tank.

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Reviewed on
January 27, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

water system

Pros: works well

Cons: none really

Easy to setup and service. Solid as a rock. Had it in service for going on three years. Beside the usual changing of filters I have had to do nothing. Membrane is still strong.

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dave whaley

Reviewed on
June 04, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Unreal Customer Service

My business relies daily on RO/DI Water That Is Perfect 0ppm. When working as a chemist daily, you learn how to evaluate water, and not all systems are equal in this industry of thousands of offerings. My huge 2,000 gallon per day professional system crashed, and I needed perfect water within certain criteria desperately. That is where the story began...After viewing and contacting over a dozen vendors who were unable to satisfy me with their knowledge level of water itself and exacting specs on their product offerings, I came upon Marine Depot and a SUPER HELPFUL gentleman guided me to this system. They shipped same day via UPS overnight cross country. I was only out of DI water for 24 hours as this system produced some of the most consistent and clean water possible. It got me through the 10 days it took for my HUGE Culligan lab water system to get serviced. This machine flawlessly recreated water at least as good as my commercial unit. The customer service and product knowledge could not have been better. I am one of the most experienced users of DI water in the country (so says my water bill). I can honestly attest to the quality of both this RO/DI machine and Marine Depot itself. I still have this machine as a backup if my gargantuan machine quits again. Nothing here but praise, thanks, and kudos for both company and product.

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