Marine Depot Featured Customer Tank Featured Customer Tank—Brad's Wrasse and Angel Reef

About the Tank Owner

I am a 52-year-old father and husband. I have an understanding wife, Vickie, and two gorgeous daughters, Natalie and Megan. I am self taught in the saltwater aquarium hobby and, after nine years, think I may no longer be a beginner. I have been an active member of my local aquarium club, Wastch Marine Aquarium Society (WMAS), for eight years. I graduated high school over thirty-five years ago and got into ceramic tile installation. I made a career out of it and still enjoy my craft to this day. My first aquarium was a 29-gallon freshwater tank that I kept for three years. Next was a 65-gallon saltwater aquarium. That tank is still up and running to this day. My pride and joy is my 225-gallon reef!

Brad Syphus
Murray, Utah

Tank Details

  • Tank Volume: 225 Gallons
  • Tank Dimensions: 72" x 24" x 30"
  • Glass or Acrylic: Acrylic
  • Sump Volume: 70 Gallons
  • Stand Type or Material: Steel stand with wood veneer skin
Circulation Controllers
  • Temperature Controls: No heater or chiller
  • Fans: One in sump and one above water surface
  • Heater: No
  • Chiller: No
  • Protein Skimmer: Deltec AP702
  • Ozonizer: Enaly Ozone Generator
  • Carbon: Yes
  • Refugium: Yes
  • Live Rock in Display: Yes
  • Live Rock in Sump: Yes
  • Sand/Substrate: Yes
Lighting System Parameters
Maintenance Schedule
  • Water Changes: 30 gallons every other week
  • Bulb Replacements: Every 6 months
  • Water Tests: Calcium, Alkalinity (KH) and Magnesium
  • Resin Replacements: Every 2 months
  • Type of Salt Used: Oceanic
  • Stony Corals:
    • Too many to name
  • Noteworthy Specimens:
    • Huge Branching Hammer Coral 20" in diameter.