Metal Halide Lighting

Metal halide lighting is one of the most popular ways to light a reef aquarium. Metal halide aquarium lighting fixtures are available in many different configurations including fully assembled metal halide aquarium fixtures, as a metal halide pendant to suspend over your reef aquarium or as a metal halide reflector with socket for retrofitting into your existing canopy. Many fully assembled fixtures include metal halide bulbs as well as the metal halide ballast. For pendants and retrofit kits, you may need to purchase them separately. If you have questions about metal halide lights, read this short metal halide bulb comparison article or contact us directly for more information.

Metal halide aquarium lights have two different styles of sockets: single ended (mogul/medium based) and double ended (hqi lighting) bulbs. When it comes time to replace your metal halide bulb, the bulb wattage and socket type must match that of the ballast and existing socket (i.e. you can’t put a single ended bulb into a double ended fixture nor can you use a 400 watt metal halide ballast to light a 175 watt metal halide bulb).

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