CPR AquaFuge 2, PS, PRO Refugiums

CPR AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugiums
AquaFuge 2 Hang-on Refugium
  • Controlled growing area for macroalgae and other food items
  • Stabilizes your marine ecosystem
  • New black back prevents light transfer between refugium and tank
  • Easy to set up "hang on the tank" design
  • Independent powerhead provides healthy flow of water
  • Designed for multiple media
Note: Does not include the lighting fixture and accessories as shown in the picture.
Item #DescriptionDimensions (LxWxH)Price 
CR1721CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium - Small13" x 4.5" x 12"$167.99
CR1723CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium - Medium19" L x 4.5" W x 12" H$191.99
CR1725CPR AquaFuge2 Hang-On Refugium - Large25.5" x 4.5" x 12"$209.99
CPR AquaFuge PRO Refugium
AquaFuge PRO

The AquaFuge PRO is the latest in a line of refugiums from CPR Aquatic, Inc. The AquaFuge PRO is a sump-based refugium which incorporates a protein skimmer in order to maintain safe organic levels while also providing for oxygenation of any marine system. Refugiums can be used to cultivate food sources such as algae and miro-fauna while also being used for nutrient export from a marine system. The AquaFuge PRO is designed for use with various mediums including mud, live sand, and live rock.
CPR AquaFuge Lighting System
CPR AquaFuge LightThese lights are designed specifically for use with CPR's AquaFuges and feature an attractive silver housing, efficient reflector, and a replaceable external starter. These lights have two stand options; the standard grey plastic stands or CPR's handcrafted clear acrylic stands that act as an external brace to provide additional structural support of the AquaFuge. The new CPR lights come in three different bulb wattages, 18W, 24W, and 36W and will provide ample light for your refugium inhabitants to stay healthy and happy.
  • Model 1318—is for use with AquaFuge Small or AquaFuge Pro (2 units required). Includes an 18W daylight PC bulb. 13"L x 4.3"W
  • Model 1624—is for use with AquaFuge Medium or AquaFuge PS Small/Large. Includes a 24W daylight PC bulb. 16"L x 4.3"W
  • Model 2436—is for use with AquaFuge Large. Includes a 36W daylight PC bulb. 24"L x 4.3"W
Replacement Parts
Item #DescriptionPrice 
CR3113CPR Replacement Inlet For BakPak, Dual BakPak & All Hang-On AquaFuge Refugiums$11.99
CR3115CPR Replacement Washer Set For BakPak, Dual BakPak & All Hang-On AquaFuge Refugiums$3.99
CR3119CPR Replacement O-Ring For BakPak, Dual BakPak & AquaFuge PS Refugiums$2.29