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Neptune Apex Trident Bundle - WiFi Aquarium Controller & Marine Water Analyzer


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This bundle includes:

The APEX Wi-Fi Controller System

The Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi Controller combines hardware control and monitoring with Apex Fusion. Apex Fusion is a cloud-based software that communicates with your aquarium hardware through the Apex Controller. Apex Fusion monitors and automatically regulates the most important parameters in your reef tank including pH, ORP, salinity, lighting, pumps and more!

The expandable Apex System can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can control your Apex through a computer, smart phone, tablet, or the sold separately Apex Display Module. Apex carries out the instructions and reports back on the status of your tank.

If the aquarium water is getting too hot, Apex Fusion sends a text message alert. The software tracks and records the pH level and creates a graph illustrating pH changes over time. Apex will even temporarily shut down the water pump while the automatic feeder adds food for fish and corals. The Apex Wi-Fi Controller is a modular system capable of many customizable monitoring and control tasks. Additional modules are simply plugged into the main Apex controller to add more features.

Here are the top features found in the Apex Wi-Fi Controller System:

    pH/ORP monitoring and logging

    Salinity testing

    Dissolved oxygen monitoring

    Automatic water changes

    Wireless control of select pumps

    Automatic feeding of dry and liquid foods

    Wireless control of compatible LED lights

    Automatic monitoring of the light level under the water

    Automatic leak detection and alerts

    Wired and Wi-Fi connections

Here is what we really like about the Apex Wi-Fi Controller System:

  • Prevents catastrophes by continuously monitoring key parameters in your aquarium, takes corrective actions, and alerts you by smart phone when something needs attention.
  • Automatically monitors the safety and operation of the tank’s electrical equipment, ensuring it’s functioning correctly even when you aren’t home – and alerts you in case of malfunction.
  • The software creates a database of test results, tank maintenance, livestock, and aquarium observations so you can correlate aquarium conditions to the things that are happening inside the tank like coral growth and fish health.
  • Uses a simple app to manage the operation of lights, pumps, filters, ATO, and more
  • Plug and play operation
  • Knowing how your aquarium is doing from anywhere in the world provides peace of mind.

Additional Apex Wi-Fi Controller Features & Benefits:

  • Built in reliable 802.11g/n Wi-Fi or wired connections
  • New set-up wizards guide you through configuring everything from temperature control, trouble alerts to your mobile device, and many other common aquarium tasks. You’re up and running in 5 easy steps:
    • Mount Apex to the wall or inside your cabinet
    • Plug in the probes and equipment
    • Connect it to your home network via wi-fi or cable
    • Run the Configuration Wizard, no programming
    • Start monitoring and controlling your aquarium in less than an hour
  • IoTa (Internet of Things, Aquarium) platform works even if the internet is down. Apex has a built-in server and control panel with complete functionality. Why is this important?
    • Imagine there is a power outage and you want your automated aquarium system to take control and keep the fish and corals alive until power is restored. Some aquarium controllers work only through an online cloud service. When the internet is down or slow, the controller won’t work. With the Apex system, your automated aquarium will run without interruption.
  • Energy Bar 832 (EB832) has eight 120V AC outlets plus a 100 watt 24VDC power supply. The power supply runs three 1LINK ports and two 24VDC accessory ports. Each individual outlet has power monitoring and there are individual LED indicators for each outlet. Power consumption is monitored and logged as part of the database features. Power monitoring is also used to detect when electrical hardware, like a water pump or light is malfunctioning.
    • Individual Outlet Monitor LED - Each Energy Bar AC outlet and the two 24VDC accessory ports have their own status LED. This LED tells you when that outlet is energized. It will also blink rapidly if a device is plugged in that exceeds the current capability for that outlet.
    • Alarms and decisions based on power status - Apex sends you notifications when a device is not using power as it should be. An example would be a return pump showing no power consumption when the outlet is on or a skimmer whose power consumption will show differently when its airline is clogged when compared to normal operation. These high and low limits are completed customizable by individual outlet. You can even use this power data to control other devices.
      • 13 - Total power connections for your aquarium devices
      • 8 - 120V AC Outlets all switched with relays rated for millions of cycles
      • 3 - 1LINK 24VDC Smart outlets for devices such as WAV, DOS, etc.
      • 2 - Switchable 24VDC outlets for accessories such as small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.
  • Both the Apex and the Energy Bar 832 have an innovative attachment system that makes it easy to mount them with convenient access to all the connections. The Apex mounts with just two screws. The hinged mount flips up for easy wire connections and flips down, protecting the electronics. The Energy Bar 832 bracket mounts to the wall with just three screws.

The Apex Wi-Fi Controller System includes probes for Temperature, pH, ORP, and Salinity. The double-junction pH and ORP probes hold calibration longer and last longer than single-junction probes. Single junction probes put the reference electrode in direct contact with aquarium water. Over time, aquarium water dilutes the electrolyte, reducing the accuracy of the probe and making recalibrations more frequent. Double junction probes place a second vessel inside the main electrolyte with a second internal junction. The means that even when the aquarium water eventually begins to make its way in the first compartment, it still must pass through the second junction to contaminate the electrolyte surrounding the reference electrode.

The TRIDENT Marine Water Analyzer

A key ingredient to a great reef aquarium is maintaining proper levels of Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium.

The Trident is an automated testing system that regularly tests alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium in your saltwater aquarium — and then communicates this information to your Apex so you can get alerts, and change your dosing. When combined with the DOS (available separately) it creates a fully automated system for the proper dosing of supplements, maintaining them at consistent levels. So, you can finally toss all those test kits; they are a thing of the past.

With the Trident, you will stay updated on your Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium values anywhere in the world, with zero effort.


  • Automated Alkalinity, Calcium and Magnesium Testing

Using an automated titration method, with colormetric identification, the Trident automatically tests your aquarium water up to 24 times a day for Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium.

  • Incredible Precision

The Trident tests consistently with a precision of +/- 0.05 dKh for Alkalinity and 15ppm for Calcium and Magnesium. Using any hobby-grade test kit on the market, even humans cannot perform the tests that consistently.

  • Easy Plug and Play in 15 Minutes!

From the box to testing in under 10 minutes! Unlike other testing systems, there are no reagents to mix, tubes to cut, or pumps or probes to calibrate. Simply plug in one cable, two tubes, and run the setup task on the Apex Fusion mobile app — it holds your hand through the installation with helpful videos along the way.

  • Easy to Read Results and Graphs

The peace of mind of having your recent tank parameters, right there in your pocket, from anywhere in the world.

  • High/Low Alerts when Tank is Out of Range

Your Apex will alert you on your mobile device when test results fall out of the range you specify.

  • Controls Dosing to Maintain most Consistent Levels Possible

When the Trident is combined with the DOS system (sold separately), the two work in concert. Your Apex will use the data generated from Trident tests to automatically and safely adjust up or down your dosing amounts to keep your tank levels as stable as possible.

  • One Month`s Supply of Reagent Stores Neatly Inside

Convenient and clean, the Trident is self contained and when running the basic testing regimen only requires a reagent change once a month.

  • Uses Less than 7ml Tank Water Per Test

Some testing systems use as much as 100ml of your tank water for every test. This can cause fluctuations in tank salinity. With the minimal sample taken by the Trident, there will be almost no effect on your salinity. Unlike other solutions, potentially contaminated test water is never sent back into the aquarium. Instead, it is sent it to a waste container or drain.

  • Incredibly Quiet

The Trident is so quiet that our customers have said they rarely hear it – and when they do hear the quiet little chirps they are pleased to know that new test numbers are coming soon and they never had to pull out a test kit!

How does it work?

    The Trident is a self contained automatic titration colorimeter. That’s quite a mouthful, for sure, so let’s state it as simply as we can. The Trident is basically automating what you (and top scientists) do already when you test your water, that is, perform a color changing titration and interpret the results.

    On a scheduled basis the Trident carefully mixes its reagents with a small amount of sample water from your aquarium. While doing this, it is measuring (titrating with a precision peristaltic pump) the amounts of each that are necessary to reach an expected color change (determined by the electronic colorimeter). When it finishes the titration, it sends this sample/reagent fluid to your waste container. It then interprets the results of that test and logs the value into your Apex.

Plug and Play

    From the box to testing in under 15 minutes! Unlike other testing systems, there are no reagents to mix, tubes to cut, or pumps or probes to calibrate. Simply plug in one cable, two tubes, and run the setup task on the Apex Fusion mobile app — it holds your hand through the installation with helpful videos along the way.

Understand your Aquarium like Never Before

    When you start getting the regular data coming in from the Trident you will be amazed at the things you can see happening. The daily light cycle swing on calcium carbonate uptake. A salinity drop by watching magnesium. An out of sync dosing of calcium. This increased understanding ultimately helps you maintain a better, more successful reef.

Out of Range Actions and Alerts

    You can set up your Apex to alert you, or take immediate action(s) when a parameter falls outside of the safe zone you specify. As just one example, you might be dosing an Alkalinity solution and a misconfiguration could lead to overdosing of your tank. The Trident will catch that, alert you, and give you more time to make that correction before its too late and to save your aquarium. The data from the Trident can also be used to turn on and off other devices (like dosers or solenoids) to protect your tank even more.

Automatic Dosing Control - Ultimate Stability

    The more stable you maintain proper levels of Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium, the better your corals will grow and thrive. But coral uptake of these supplements often changes and requires us not only to perform more testing, but also seems to put us in a never-ending state of adjusting our dosing levels.

    The Trident, when paired up with one or more of our DOS systems solves this problem with Automatic Dosing Control (ADC)

    When configured on the Apex, ADC will take the results it receives from the Trident and use them to gradually turn up or down the amount of additive your DOS delivers. But, don’t worry, we have built this feature with safety in mind. With ADC you set your target value and your starting dosing amount and ADC will only tune that dosing level +/-35%. If it takes more than that amount of dosing to keep your aquarium at your target value, then the Apex will stop ADC, revert to your starting dosing amount, and alert you that you need to manually adjust your dosing level. Then, ADC can be reenabled and it will continue to guide your DOS so that it keeps you as close to your target value as possible.

    It is possible to use ADC for all three tests – Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium. You can also use one test value to adjust up or down more than one additive delivered by the DOS (i.e. Triton system).

Simple, Infrequent Reagent Changes

    When using the default testing schedule of four (4) alkalinity, two (2) calcium, and two (2) magnesium tests a day, the reagent stored inside the Apex will last a full month. And adding new reagent is super simple — just slide out the drawer, remove the old bottle(s), and replace them with new ones. If you desire, you can also run a calibration with the included calibration standard.

Reasonably Priced Reagents, about 9 Cents per Test!

    The cost of reagents and recurring cost is a valid concern for a hobbyist considering the test kit or automated system – and we designed the Trident with that in mind – keeping those costs as low as possible. Reagent comes in 2-month kits (based on the default testing schedule of 4-Alk/2-Ca/2-Mg per day). These kits include two bottles of Reagent A (changed every month), one each of Reagent B and C (changed every two months), and one bottle of our calibration seawater sample. The reagent kit has at least 240 alkalinity tests and 120 tests each of Calcium and Magnesium. These two-month kits are priced at just $44.95 in the U.S.

Super Quiet

    You will hear the Trident operate from time to time if you listen closely or you have a super-quiet room. And, as compared to other automated testing systems, it is several dB quieter. While inside your cabinet along with your other equipment, you will likely never even hear it.

Highlighted Features:

    Automatically tests seawater for Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium

    Up to 24 Alkalinity tests per day with +/-.05 dKh precision

    Up to 12 Calcium tests per day with +/-15 ppm precision

    Up to 12 Magnesium tests per day with +/-15 ppm precision

    ~7.9ml sample water used per parameter tested

    ~7 minutes testing time per parameter tested

    Up to one month of testing before reagents need changing based on base level testing of 4-Alk, 2-Ca, 2-Mg per day.

    When combined with DOS system (available separately), the data from Trident can be used to automatically raise or lower the amount of additives dosed as necessary to maintain stability at user set point.

Apex Controller System Specifications:

Base Unit Dimensions: 4.75" L x 5.25" H x 3.25" W
Energy Bar 832 Dimensions 10" L x 6.5" H x 2.25" W
Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet Port
12V Power Port
2 AquaBus Ports
Temperature Probe Port
I/O Switch Input
pH Probe Port
pH/ORP Probe Port
Salinity Probe Port
4 Variable 0-10V channels for LED Dimming or
Tunze Pumps

TRIDENT Specifications:

Dimensions: 10"H x 4.25"W x 12"D

Apex or ApexEL (not Apex Classic, Lite, or Jr.)

Available 1Link port OR 24v power supply and Aquabus Cable (available separately)

External waste container or drain

Must be located within 4’ of water source to be tested

Apex Controller System Includes:

    1 x Apex Control Head Unit (optional display sold separately)

    1 x Energy Bar 832

    1 x 6 ft. Aquabus Cable

    1 x Lab Grade Salinity Probe

    1 x Lab Grade Double Junction pH Probe

    1 x Lab Grade Double Junction ORP Probe

    1 x Temperature Probe

    Salinity and pH Calibration Solutions

Trident Marine Water Analyzer Includes:

    1 x Trident

    1 x 1Link cable (US/CAN only)

    1 x 5` of black sample line tubing

    1 x 5` of clear waste line tubing

    1 x 1-month reagent supply

    1 x Calibration Fluid

    1 x Get Started Card

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Get Started, with APEX

Manufacturer information

Neptune Systems Aquarium Supplies
Neptune Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aquarium controllers. The company was founded in 1995 for the purpose of developing affordable water quality monitoring and control instrumentation. Their engineering team has extensive expertise in computer hardware and software system design as well as a background in water quality analysis. Neptune Systems uses these finely-honed engineering skills to develop innovative monitoring and control solutions for use in reef and fresh water aquariums, aquaculture tanks, hydroponics systems and general laboratory use. Neptune Systems is best known for their AquaController line. The company is known for their innovation and customer centricity.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
October 23, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great System

Was easy to setup and the trident is a great accessory. Trident is quiet when performing tests. Saves me a lot of manual testing times. Apex has lots of sensors and great features and the ability to expand for even more.

Was this review helpful? 3 0


Reviewed on
June 30, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Waste of money

Pros: The Concept

Cons: The Reality

I bought this and the trident never worked right. I wanted to return it 5 days after I received it - you can't. You have to work with the folks at Neptune to resolve the issue. So, I did, and they were wonderful. They gave excellent support, walked me through different troubleshooting steps, and ultimately replaced the trident.

I was so relieved the day the new trident was delivered and set it up and right away a red error that reads "no water sample." it feels like a cruel joke. Again, an error right out of the box.

Reefing is expensive, if I could do it again, this isn't where I'd spend my money.

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