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Neptune ApexEL - Aquarium Controller w/ WiFi


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Item #: NS00449

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Having a great aquarium just got easier.... and more affordable!

Introducing the new Neptune Systems ApexEL, the "Entry Level" Apex.

Maintain your aquarium with ease.  The ApexEL monitors key parameters like temperature, pH, and the status of your connected equipment.  Proper monitoring helps reduce the risk of losing your aquatic pets from parameter swings or failed equipment.

At a lower cost than its big brother, the Apex, the ApexEL shares almost all the features of the flagship Apex, with the exception that it does not have built-in ORP, salinity monitoring, or 0-10V ports.

The ApexEL is expandable with modules and probes, if desired in the future.

Wireless Internet-Ready 

The ApexEL connects to your network via wire, or, the built in 802.11g/n Wi-Fi.

Easy Setup

Set up tasks and to-do reminders help guide you through configuring everything from temperature control, trouble alerts to your mobile device, and many other common aquarium tasks. With the ApexEL, an aquarium controller no longer requires an advanced degree — you are up and running in 5 EASY STEPS:

  • Mount it to the wall or inside your cabinet
  • Plug in the probes and your equipment
  • Connect it to your home network via wi-fi or cable
  • Run the new Configuration Wizards
  • Get the basics of monitoring and control for your entire tank set up, in less than 15 minutes, with no programming!

Self Contained Monitoring

Every ApexEL has a built-in, completely functional, web server - even when the internet is down.  Your tank will continue to operate without interruption and can still be controlled from a mobile device.

Energy Bar 832 - The ultimate control hub

This eight 120V AC outlet Energy Bar includes an internal 100W 24VDC power supply which feeds three built-in 1LINK ports and two 24VDC accessory ports. Each outlet has independent power monitoring with individual LED indicators that tell you when that outlet is energized.  If the device exceeds the current capability for that individual outlet, the LED will blink rapidly.

**Note - The EnergyBar 832 is for use in North America (USA, Canada, and parts of Mexico) and other locales where the electrical service grid provides 120VAC 60Hz power. In other regions which use 230VAC 50Hz power, APEXel systems are bundled with an EnergyBar 6 equipped with 6 outlets specific to that region (UK,, AU, Universal, or Schuko). EnergyBar 6 models do not include the EB832’s per-outlet power monitoring, 1LINK or DC24 ports, or per-outlet indicator LEDs.

Super Easy Mounting

Both the Apex-EL and the Energy Bar 832 have an innovative attachment system, making them easy to mount and access all connections.  A hinged mount allows the controller to be flipped up to make your connections, and flipped back down, tucking them away therefore making it difficult for water to enter via a cable.


  • Lower cost version of its big-brother Apex
  • Prevents catastrophes by monitoring temperature and pH in your aquarium, taking corrective actions for you.
  • Alerts you via your smart phone when things go off track.
  • Monitors your equipment – ensuring it is operating correctly at all times – and lets you know when it’s not.
  • iPhone, iPad, or Android app controlled.
  • Works on PC or Mac using any common web browser.
  • Tracks your manual test results, maintenance, livestock purchases, and tank observations
  • Helps you correlate issues in your aquarium to the things that are happening inside.
  • Manages the full operation of equipment (lights, pumps, filters, ATO, etc.) on your tank with simple setup “Tasks” and an easy to use app.
  • Takes the place of many costly and cumbersome discrete components such as light timers, heater controllers, pump controllers, etc.
  • Expandable – Add more monitoring and control features as well as specialized Apex-ecosystem hardware as your needs require.
  • Gives you the peace of mind to know how your aquarium is doing, instantly, from anywhere in the world.


  • Apex Base Unit
  • pH Double Junction Lab Grade Probe
  • Temperature Probe
  • Calibration fluids: pH 7 & 10
  • Energy Bar 832
  • AquaBus 6` Cable
  • 1Link and DC24 connections


  • 2nd Gen CPU
  • Built-in 802.11g/n Wi-Fi
  • 13 x power connections for aquarium equipment
  • 8 x 120V AC outlets
  • 3 x 1Link 24V DC Smart outlets for WAV, DOS, etc.
  • 2 x Switchable 24V DC outlets for accessories like small pumps, solenoids, fans, etc.
  • Max current = 15A
  • Current per outlet = 7A
  • Per outlet power monitoring

Compatible with:

  • Apex Fusion and other Apex modules and probes
  • Trident monitoring system
  • COR and WAV pumps

Neptune Controller Feature Comparison



Energy Bar 832 Included Included
Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet Port Included Included
12V Power Port Included Included
2 AquaBus Ports Included Included
Temperature Port & Probe Included Included
I/O Switch Input Included Included
pH Port & Probe Included Included
ORP Port & Probe Included Additional Purchase Required
Salinity Port & Probe Included Additional Purchase Required
Variable 0-10V channels for LED Dimming or Tunze Pumps 4 Included Additional Purchase Required
Calibration Solutions Included Included


Manufacturer information

Neptune Systems Aquarium Supplies
Neptune Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aquarium controllers. The company was founded in 1995 for the purpose of developing affordable water quality monitoring and control instrumentation. Their engineering team has extensive expertise in computer hardware and software system design as well as a background in water quality analysis. Neptune Systems uses these finely-honed engineering skills to develop innovative monitoring and control solutions for use in reef and fresh water aquariums, aquaculture tanks, hydroponics systems and general laboratory use. Neptune Systems is best known for their AquaController line. The company is known for their innovation and customer centricity.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
July 10, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

apex EL

Pros: stability, flexibility, the ability to build and add on more tech solutions.

Cons: an upfront cost that is pretty steep, but pays for itself quickly.

I was skeptical due to the price. if you are serious about reefing then you cant make a better investment. it will become one of your favorite toys! its incredibly useful for stability and protection from disaster- but also a lot of fun that you can add on to and build on as you get more into reefing. absolutely worth the money and if you add up all the gadgets and gizmos you might buy separately along the way you realize it can do what they all do and the cost can actually be less in the long run. quality product, great service. GO FOR IT you wont regret it.

Was this review helpful? 0 0


Reviewed on
June 26, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Easy to use, looks great

Cons: None

I've used this exact system on my Reefer 350 since I set it up 1.5 years ago. The Apex is super easy to set up and program, and the app is awesome as it lets me check on my tank from any location.

Was this review helpful? 0 0


Reviewed on
June 19, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Hate it

Pros: None

Cons: Difficult setup

Three days and cannot get this set up. Super complicated if you are not an IT expert and running Android. Buyer beware, no returns. Will be selling this for a loss as soon as possible.

Was this review helpful? 0 0


Reviewed on
June 02, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

great purchase

Pros: internet connection works great

Cons: pricey (but worth it)

Got over the price and took the chance. So glad I did. Able to monitor everything from my phone. I had to admit I was really too busy to do this myself and the tank was suffering.

Was this review helpful? 0 0


Reviewed on
May 13, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Control and monitoring

Pros: Knowing what is happening in your aquarium is golden!

Cons: No Cons- knowledge is power!!!

I upgraded my apex to the “new” 2016 base module and energy bar 832 in order to use the Neptune Trident - Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer. It works GREAT!

Was this review helpful? 0 0


Reviewed on
February 12, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Apex EL= Reef tank security and automation at its best

Pros: Ease of use, quality, support

Cons: Initial investment $

The Apex EL makes reef tank security and automation a breeze. Easy to set up and use. Puts the mind at ease having the ability to monitor and automate my reef tank as needed. Getting text or email alerts of any arising issues is a necessity in my book giving the amount of time and money invested in this hobby. Not to mention for the welfare of the tank inhabitants in general. The number of add ons available and the never ending development of new products from Neptune makes it well worth the investment. Highly recommend any of the Neptune products!

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Reviewed on
May 23, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great product

Pros: Features and reliability

Cons: None

First experience with Apex Fusion. So far, very impressed with the functionality and reliability of this product. So many features and control on the tank, even when away from home.

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Reviewed on
April 14, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great upgrade

Was kinda hesitant in upgrading my apex jr but glad I did.

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Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best Purchase in a Long Time

Pros: WiFi enabled, High Quality Build Materials, Easy to Mount

Cons: Expensive (but worth it)

Nothing Feels cheap about this product. I did have some difficulty getting it to connect to my WiFi but managed to get it after reading their online manual/forums. I can see the two most important levels of my tank (Ph and Temp) first thing when I open the fusion app on my devices (Apple and Android). I also really like that I can manually turn off systems with out having to go under the tank and into the stand.

Was this review helpful? 1 0


Reviewed on
March 26, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Apex is a MUST with any reef tank!

Pros: Affordable, easy to use, easy to set up, great customer support, protects your investment!

Cons: Should have been more affordable SOONER!

An Apex is a must when it comes to a reef tank! This thing has saved my tank ten fold and i would not be able to live without it!

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