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NYOS REEF CEMENT Aquascaping Adhesive


Item #: 6D92206

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NYOS® REEF CEMENT is a rapid adhesive with a firm grip and is low in harmful substances
  • Can be used above and below water
  • Not harmful to corals or fish
  • Attachment of corals, reef structures, etc.
Technical Details
  • Content:500ml
  • Use: 3 parts REEF CEMENT, 1 part water
  • Binding time: 2 minutes
NYOS® REEF CEMENT is a rapid adhesive with a firm grip and is low in harmful substances, which can be used to attach corals, overhangs, columns and complete stone structures easily and durably. REEF CEMENT is a powdery substance, which is simply stirred in cold water and cures completely within 2 minutes.
  • Can be used above and below water
  • Not harmful to corals or fish
  • Attachment of corals, columns, reef structures, etc.
  • Corals can be attached on the reef structure either as over-hanging or free-standing corals.
  • Is soon overgrown with coralline red algae

Stir approx. three parts NYOS® REEF CEMENT with one part water in a flexible container to make a homogeneous mixture with a dough-like consistency. The binding time is around 2 minutes, so please do this quickly and mix sparingly. The binding time can be extended by adding citric acid.

After use, close the container and protect against moisture. Keep away from children. Do not swallow or inhale. Avoid raising dust, as well as contact with skin or eyes. Please work with gloves.

Manufacturer information

The NYOS® Philosophy: Innovative. Intuitive. Uncompromising. Nature Inspired. NYOS®. Experience simple, nature-inspired marine aquarium care at the highest level.

2 Stars


Reviewed on
March 08, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Nyos Cement-

Pros: Nice container.

Cons: Too much of a pain to use. There are much easier products for the same job.

Use the product and it was a pain to get the exact amount of water to mix it. One malleable I worked it around the frag and every time I put it in the tank it just fell apart. Tried it way too many times and same results. Just a big headache. There are other products that are super easy to use and reuse.

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Reviewed on
December 04, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Did not like

Pros: None

Cons: Didn't do the job, sets too fast, doesn't work unless rock is totally dry

There was really nothing i liked about this product. Kinda pricey, does not work under water, dries super fast, as in doesn't give enough time to work with it. You also need a lot of it, the one container didn't even last through putting 4 rocks together. You also need to be quite exacting in your measurements or you will not get a workable mix. In short, for me it was a waste of time, i went through the entire jar without getting the job done, and moved to another product which did work on the first try.

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Reviewed on
May 02, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Do not use for any aquascape

Pros: Full container

Cons: Crumbles and is not structurally sound even waiting past the recommended curing time

This product is far from what is described claiming it can be used well with aquascaping. I utilized it for some really basic rocks structures that were not loading bearing and it failed to hold anything together. I let the cement cure for 5 days and still it crumbled. I now have 3 small scratches in the front pane of a brand new tank because it came apart on its own. I am very disappointed that I gave this product a chance and now my view of the tank is scratched...

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Reviewed on
March 22, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Strong hold, easy to use

Cons: Have to use a lot of the product for it to work

This stuff defiantly works! Used it on dry rock, You have to be exact on your measurements and make sure you use ALOT if you want to do overhangs. Sets very fast but if your creating overhangs or cliffs make sure you let it sit on support while the cement hardens. Overall very please just wish you didn’t have to use as much as you do for it to work

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Reviewed on
January 13, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

A lot left to be desired

Pros: Sets up fast!!

Cons: Didn’t hold

I attempted to use this on my DRY rock aquascape. I already had the drilled & plugged. I was attempting to use the cement as a reinforcement around the plugs/stakes to make the structure even more solid. I had areas where the rocks wanted to turn a different way than I wanted them to be so I was using this to avoid that. It was mixed the correct consistency & dried quickly. It actually seemed like it was going to work perfectly.... but after a few hours would crack & break up. I tried to use this multiple times yet always ended up with the same result!! Ended up using epoxy instead & for now that has worked (I find the epoxy usually eventually lets go too tho).

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Reviewed on
January 19, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Worked great

Pros: Strong

Cons: Short work time

So I used this on dry rock for my new set up. Worked great. However in the nyos video it showed it holding a rock that overhangs in place. Couldn’t get it to do that. But as long as everything is stable this stuff works great once it hardens. I can pick up my entire rock structure and there is no give. I don’t know how it works under water but outside, I’d highly recommend this. Work in small batches though because it hardens pretty quickly. Probably 2 minutes. Then about 15 until you can start moving stuff around.

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Reviewed on
January 02, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Could be good, but ...

Cons: very fast setting time

I gave it a try and measured out exact proportions; round one, I found that the working time was just way too short and was setting up before I could form four blobs.

If you are going to try it, my recommendation is to use citric acid which will extend setting time.

I am moving on to another product.

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Reviewed on
June 17, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Extremely underrated

Pros: Extremely strong bond

Cons: Requires users to be EXACT with their measurements and do not mix under water.

I've used this product multiple times and have went through 3 containers.
The bad reviews on this site are from USER error.
If the measurements are slightly off it will not work right.
However if you are actually sticking to the directions on measurement than it will work extremely good and form a very strong bond.
On my first build I had to redo it since I measured my tank space wrong (those darn overflow boxes) and in order to get my rock broken back into smaller pieces I had to use a hammer to break this cements bond.
Do not try to use it under water. Remove rock, then dry it off and use it. You have only about 3-5 minutes at most from when you stop mixing to when you apply the mixture before it hardens.

DO NOT MIX ALL AT ONCE. Take small amounts and mix them up and keep making more small portions until the job is complete.

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Reviewed on
September 03, 2016

No, I would not recommend this.

Keep Away

Trying to apply in the water: impossible. It just dissolves and makes a huge mess of cloudy water. Whatever remains just falls apart shortly after. Applying outside of water water: fine, except it doesn't hold well on wet rock and I'm too concerned about keeping anything out of the water the amount of time needed to let it dry enough for this product to hold. I gave up on using this to attach coral to rock. I also gave up on using this to hold pieces of live rock together. I don't have any dry base rock to try this on so I can't speak to that but I imagine it would work well in that application. Even though it claims to harden in 2 minutes, I have never found that to be the case. It has always taken at least 10-15 minutes. This product also caused a major cyano outbreak in my tank, which is why I suggest staying away from it.

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matthew k

Reviewed on
September 02, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

YOS REEF CEMENT Aquascaping Ad

This product is great!! Make sure to work with it fast, as it sets in 2 minutes. I made a whole structure out of dry pukani rock (for my 3.5 gallon cylinder tank) and it is pretty solid...I can pick the whole thing with one hand and none of the pieces move. Only down side is you have to make it up in small batches so you don't waste any. I will be using this from now on for my builds.

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