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Nyos TORQ Media Reactor 1.0 Body


Item #: 6D7910

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Nyos took it upon themselves to rethink the reactor with their refreshing take on it, the TORQ - a high performance, two-piece, modular reactor, utilizing the DOCK and reactor BODY.

Filter media is an essential part to maintaining a reef aquarium, helping remove any pollutants, improving the water quality and health of its inhabitants. The TORQ will handle media such as activated carbon, GFO, biopellets, and zeolite.

The Body controls the Dock Pump`s flow with just a torque of the cap, adjusting flow easily and precisely without getting your hands wet. The modularity will make switching out old media for new as simple as swapping the Body, available in three sizes, 0.75, 1.0, and 2.0. The TORQ Body allows media to be flowed through optimally from every angle. In the two larger sizes, you have the option of using the separator to mix and match your media.

The Dock is a controllable pump and a base stand, taking a small footprint in your sump, required to power the TORQ reactor. It`s universal connector works with all three TORQ Body sizes, ridding the use of hoses or valves, adding to the aesthetics of your sump.


  • Control your flow with a twist of the Body 
  • Double chamber allows two medias to be used simultaneously
  • No hose attachments, keeping the sump area free from clutter
  • Modular, swapping cartridges with fresh or new media


  • Volume = 1 liter
  • Diameter = 2.75"
  • Body Height = 16.6"
    • with Dock Pump = 21"
  • Requires TORQ Dock pump for operation (sold separately)

Manufacturer information

The NYOS® Philosophy: Innovative. Intuitive. Uncompromising. Nature Inspired. NYOS®. Experience simple, nature-inspired marine aquarium care at the highest level.

2 Stars


Reviewed on
December 28, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

garbage, pure garbage...!!

Pros: tech support

Cons: tube base cracks easily and disconnects from itself resulting with media all inside the sump

I need to vent. do not buy the nyos torq reactors. they are pure garbage. I own two for bio-pellet and active carbon. the first nyos tube base cracked when trying to remove it. they send me a free replacement and today doing my monthly cleaning the tube base was spinning and disconnected from the tube, dumping all the media into my sump. arrgghh!!! why nyos do you make junk????

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Reviewed on
April 11, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Broke after a few days

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Doesn’t work properly

Top popped of spilling contents everywhere, bottom seal came loose also breaking plastic cylinder leaving bottom plate stuck in pump base

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Reviewed on
April 11, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Does not work properly

Pros: Looks good

Cons: Works poorly

Lid popped off after a few days running, pumped water out of sump tank into the floor , plastic cylinder cracked at bottom when it came apart , spilled carbon media everywhere.

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Reviewed on
March 15, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

nyos torq 1.0

Pros: small nice design

Cons: dual media messy filling

nice looking product put poor design when it comes to using dual medias hard to fill the bottom with media very messy.Using one media it works very well .

Was this review helpful? 10 0

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