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Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Cube Tray 7oz


Item #: ON7535

In Stock: Frozen foods are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays

These whole, live, Brine Shrimp are quickly frozen with CO2 "flash-freezer" and packed in unique, patented plastic cube-tray. Cubes of Brine Shrimp create an exciting display when dropped into the aquarium. As the cube slowly melts, whole Brine Shrimp slowly fall out and appear to "come alive" as they drop through the water. Tropical fish are incredibly attracted to this movement and feed on this product as if it were alive.

INGREDIENTS: Brine Shrimp (Artemia sp.), water. Vitamins: Ascorbic acid, beta carotene, biotin, hydroxocobalamin (source of vitamin B12), niacin, riboflavin, thiamine. HCL. Amino Acids: methionine (dl-methionine), L-Lysine, taurine. Trace elements of calcium chloride, potassium iodide, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, magnesium carbonate, zinc sulfate.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein (min) 5.2%, Crude Fat (min) 1.6%, Crude Fiber (max) 3.7%, Moisture (max) 88.3% (Protein as a percentage of dry matter - 44.4%)

BEST USED FOR: ALL TROPICAL FISH - Marine and Freshwater

Manufacturer information

Ocean Nutrition

Ocean Nutrition, founded in 1982 in San Diego, CA, specializes in the manufacturing of premium fish foods for marine and freshwater tropical fish.

Ocean Nutrition has commercial headquarters in Europe (Belgium), USA (San Francisco) and Asia (Thailand). The production facilities are strategically located at the source of fresh ingredients to preserve their optimal nutritional qualities.

"Preserving Life and Beauty through Nutrition" is their mission and a continuous driver for them to create the freshest, highest quality fish feeds, mimicking the natural diet of marine and fresh water tropical fish.

Ocean Nutrition has close ties with the aquaculture industry and as a result applies cutting-edge nutrition technology to develop innovative products for aquarist purposes.

Thanks to Ocean Nutrition`s high level of expertise and innovation, they supply many of the world’s largest public aquaria and breeders with foods for their fish.

5 Stars

mary reynolds

Reviewed on
March 21, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

Better than buying a sheet

These are so much more convenient than the big block, or sheet, of brine shrimp. I used to buy San Francisco Bay brand by the sheet, but I find that my fish like these better. The problem with the sheet was that it got rather disgusting after repeatedly dipping them into the tank, and then refreezing. With the cubes, I just pop a cube into a syringe I have, suck up some tank water with it, let it thaw out and then squirt it right into the water. My hands never have to touch the product directly. My perculas go wild over them, and take them right off the tip of the syringe.

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binh nguyen

Reviewed on
July 16, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.


Fast ..I m happy

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