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PhytoTank CL System - Copepod and Phytoplankton Culture Reactors - Poseidon Reef Systems


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PhytoTank CL System - Copepod and Phytoplankton Culture Reactors - Poseidon Reef Systems

Grow copepods and phytoplankton hassle-free using the PhytoTank CL System! This kit includes everything you need to maintain a self-sustaining copepod colony to feed your reef tank inhabitants. It includes two PhytoTank-L reactors: one for growing copepods and another for growing phytoplankton to feed your copepods. You can also use any excess phytoplankton to feed your corals!**

The kit features the PodNest-- a combined aerator and copepod habitat which results in significant copepod culture density. Also included is a large, 4 inch copepod sieve to help catch copepods.

The integrated LED light provides uniform lighting for maximum growth and eliminates the need for space-consuming banks of fluorescent lights. Cultures take place in disposable culture bags, and the PhytoTank`s durable rubber cap has bulkheads for disposable aeration and vent tubes, so you wont need to extensively clean or disinfect your PhytoTank between cultures. Simply throw out the disposable items and start your next culture!

Kit Includes:
  • (2x) 3.5 Liter PhytoTank L Reactors
  • LED Power Supply
  • LED Dimmer
  • Two-Way Power Splitter
  • PodNest combined aerator & copepod habitat
  • Two-Part Fertilizer (50 ml Part A, 50 ml Part B)
  • (2x) Culture Pack-L
    • (20 total) Disposable culture bags
    • (20 total) Disposable graduated pipettes
    • (20 total) Disposable vent tubes
    • (20 total) Disposable aeration tubes
  • Aeration tube with air filter, splitter & valve
  • Mesh filter (4" diameter) for capturing Tisbe copepods
  • Instruction manual

PhytoTank-L Reactor Specifications

Height 12"
Diameter 6"
Weight (when empty) 1lb 16 ounces
Working Volume Volume: 3.5 Liters (118 ounces)
Recommended Tank Size 100+ Gallons
Material Glass and Rubber
Power Supply 110V

*Important Notes*
The PhytoTankLED system is NOT waterproof. Do NOT submerge your PhytoTank. Wipe the PhytoTank with a damp cloth to clean. Keep power supply and power cords away from water. Create a drip loop with your power cord to prevent water from contacting the electronics.

**Copepod and phytoplankton starter cultures are not included.

Manufacturer information

Poseidon Reef Systems was founded by a biochemist and reef hobbyist. He developed the PhytoTank system with the goals of saving space, energy, time, and money while culturing and dosing phytoplankton and copepods. Every element of the design was evaluated using the scientific method to consistently grow dense phytoplankton and copepod populations to feed a reef tank.

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