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Polyplab Medic 30mL

Polyplab Medic 30mL


Item #: PP2111

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Medic is a highly effective treatment for external fish parasites present in both marine and freshwater environments. It contains an antibiotic component and a reef-safe oxidizing agent that work together to help eliminate parasites. It is particularly effective against:


  • Completely reef-safe
  • Does not harm invertebrates
  • Does not harm nitrifying bacteria
  • Buffered to maintain physiological pH

How does Medic work? 

Many external fish parasites have very similar life cycles. In particular, these parasites have an "attached" stage (trophonts), a "matured" stage (protomonts), a "reproductive" stage (tomonts), and a "free-swimming" stage (theronts/dinospores). Most available treatments do not target the free-swimming stage of the parasite which is one of the primary difficulties in dealing with these infections.

Research with ciliated protozoans has shown that the "free-swimming" stage of these parasites have remarkably consistent hatching times. We have engineered our medication to be most efficient during this stage.

Our medication targets the trophont stage of the parasite but is also very effective in disrupting the life cycle during the "free-swimming" stage. Thus, when using the medication, hobbyists should try to maintain the highest concentration of the medication during this "free-swimming" timeframe - when the oxidative component in the medication is particularly effective against theronts/dinospores.

Directions for in Tank Treatment:

  • Use 1 level scoop of medic for every 50 gallons (190 liters), twice per day
    • **Serious problems, use 3 level scoops
  • Dose once in morning and once in evening
  • Continue dosing for 10 days, and up to a maximum of 20 days
  • Note: Ozone and carbon must not be used during the treatment
    • Protein skimmers can be run as as normal
    • UV filter can be used one hour after dosing
    • The problem may seem to disappear when white specks are no longer visible on the fish. This is merely part of the natural cycle of the parasite and you must continue dosing the product for the minimum entire course (10 days) to be maximally effective
    • After treatment is complete, run granular activated carbon for 2 or 3 days


  • Active Ingredients: Crystallized Peroxide Salts

Manufacturer information

Polyp Lab
Polyp Lab`s goal is to manufacture high quality and truly innovative products for the advanced reef keeper. They strive to provide the absolute best possible additives and supplements for your reef aquariums. Quality is their top priority. All of their products have been thoroughly researched and tested in their laboratory tanks. They produce all of their products using only top quality components. They are perpetually working on new products at the Lab. With backgrounds in marine biology and the aquaculture industry they have the means to bring cutting edge innovations to your reef. Reef keeping is their passion. Science is their tool.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
December 29, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

High Expectations

Pros: N/A

Cons: Did Not Work

I have a 400g reef tank....dreading try to catch infected fish 3ea.....a full 20 days later , doubled the dosage and $120.00( various suppliers) later..absolutely no affect......was really hoping for the silver bullet.....but no.... will now trap fish and set up sick tank......

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Reviewed on
April 15, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Did not work as advertised

Pros: Does not kill coral

Cons: Did not save my fish, tank/glass become cloudy

Followed instruction to the teeth with right amount of dosing and removed carbon media from reactor. Doubled the dose after 10 days. After 20 day cycle I lost my Kole tang, power brown, anthias, firefish, foxface...and my other fish are still suffering from parasites

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Reviewed on
February 16, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

excellent product

Cons: none

I bought 2x30ml.bottles for my friend who owns a LFS in Europe, he is full of praise for it.

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Reviewed on
December 23, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Reef Safe Qure for Ick

Pros: It works

Cons: Exspensive to use in a large system

Great product that works. You must follow the direction to the tee. I use it in the maximum dose 2 X's a day for 20 days as directed. I put the meds into a small glass with system water and crush the little crystals till they are dissolved. It does work but takes time be cause of the parasites life cycle. That is why 20 days is required.

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Reviewed on
July 23, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

A Tang Saver

Pros: Stop ich

Cons: Hard to dissolve

I introduced a fish that developed ich. The Polylab did not save that fish, but my Purple Tang had started to get a bit of the ich and the PolyLab put an end to that! Been safe for my corals except where the undissolved granules fall.

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Reviewed on
August 10, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Reef safe

Cons: Nothing

This product really function, the best are reef safe.

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Reviewed on
January 28, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Do not buy this trust me.....

Pros: Nothing

Cons: Exspensive and does not work.

I love polyplab but this is snake oil it does not work. Trust me save your money on this and do it the right way. Very disappointed in polyplab at this point all this product does is cloud your water. Look up reviews on you tube of people that are not sponsored by these guys before you buy wish I did...

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Reviewed on
January 15, 2018

No, I would not recommend this.

Reef safe?

Pros: Cleared ich from tang

Cons: Killed all coral and anemones

I wish I had the same results as the other reviews, my dijardini tank got ich when my feeder failed and I turned to this product which I hear was the best. Unfortunently it took 17 days to clear my tank of ich and in doing so managed to completely wipe out my two rose anemone as well as all of my coral save 1 mushroom. Very disappointed in over several hundred dollars of coral loss. I would give 1 star except my dijardini survived and isnlooking healthy. Thanks, I guess...

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Reviewed on
December 16, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.




This Product does not appear to be reef safe. Within 24 hours of dosing at the recommended level for my 125g tank. It melted my Zoa colonies and is on the verge of killing my 2 beautiful bubble tip anemones. I am contacting Polyp lab as I write this to demand compensation probably a lost cause. saying I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in this product is an understatement. I have done 2 25G water changes and doubled my Active carbon... Going to do another 25G water change in an attempt to save my bubble tips.

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Reviewed on
December 09, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Pros: Works well, reef safe, easy to use

Cons: N/A

Had a nasty case of ick on my tank. The thankfully this product saved the day and save me some stress of fish loss. Love how it has minimal effect on my coral too.

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