Eheim Aquaball Aquarium Powerhead/Internal Filter Information

Eheim Modular Aquaball Internal Filter (2206, 2208, 2210, 2212)The characteristic spherical head of the new EHEIM Aquaball Internal Filter makes it possible: with just the flick of a wrist, the desired direction of flow and the optimum angle of slope can be adjusted individually to influence the movement of the surface selectively. The flow rate is set by the output regulator and the oxygen enrichment of the water can be dosed by the diffusor as required.

In the filter tanks, mechanical-biological water clarification is performed by special foam cartridges. In addition, EHEIM aquaball is fitted with an integrated filter box that contains a separate filter pad for mechanical fine purification. The box can also be used for SUBSTRATpro for intensive biological purification or with EHFIAKTIV for selective adsorbent water treatment.

Due to the modular design of the filter, EHEIM aquaball is available in four different versions with a regulated pump output and various filter volumes. All units are supplied with a practical clip fixture.

EHEIM Filter Cartridges consist of phenol-free cellular foam cartridges and offer a large receptive surface. They can be exchanged with ease, and after a short running-in period they take over biological degradation of pollutants as well as mechanical water purification.

In addition, there are specially treated activated carbon cartridges that are excellently suited to adsorptive tasks.

Open-cell Foam Cartridge with an exceptionally large filter surface for intensive mechanically purification. The high service life of the cartridge brings about the concentration of bacteria, so that an excellent biological effect is obtained. It is used up when the water flow at the filter is noticeably slower. For: 2206 / 2208 / 2210 / 2212

Open-cell Foam Cartridge, fully impregnated with special activated carbon, pH-neutral. Adsorbent to dissolved harmful substances, colorants as well as residues of medicaments. After a short period the carbon will lose its adsorptive power, then a foam cartridge must be used in the filter. Use only once. For: 2208 / 2210 / 2212

EHEIM Filter Pad: Used to separate the different filter media layers in standard filters. These are specially structured materials cut into pads assure balanced water purification. The water permeates them evenly and they retain coarse as well as fine particles mechanically.

After a short running-in period bacteria settle in the special porous cellular foam and take over the intensive biological degradation of pollutants.

The inserted activated carbon pad reacts additionally with its adsorptive properties: dissolved substances collect on its surface and are thereby removed from the water cycle. Note: Use insert no longer than a maximum of 8 - 14 days. Do not wash fine filter pads.
  • Cellular Foam Pads consist of highly porous, phenol-free filter material for mechanical purification as well as for biological degradation of pollutants. They may be washed out and used several times.
  • Fine Filter Pads of special filter material are put on as the last layer and retain even the smallest residual particles. The fleece must be replaced each time the filter is cleaned.
  • Activated Carbon Pads are structured filter materials that contain activated carbon which collect its dissolved pollutants. They should be used only for a short period to prevent the substances from loosening and returning into the water.