Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead (20, 30, 50, 70, 110)

Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead
Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead 20, 30

Provides beneficial currents throughout the aquarium. Enhances the biological capability and load factor for all aquariums.
  • Air filter to prevent dust and dirt from entering water
  • “Venturi” aeration feature provides additional aeration and greater air output than most vibrator pumps
  • Vertical/Horizontal Output Diverter provides total control of current, without loss of pump output power
  • Adjustable Flow Control allows precise regulation of output stream
  • Output Stem Adapter provides convenient attachment to flexible tubing, ideal to power other accessories such as protein skimmers
Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead 50, 70

Models 50 and 70 offer both forward and reverse water flow. The use of reverse flow throuh an undergravel system promotes bacterial growth from the bottom up, increasing biological filtration capacity. The injection of water containing oxygen beneath the gravel bed helps to support superior conditions for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. Substrate maintenance is facilitated by debris being located near the surface for easy removal.
  • Supports Efficient Filtration
  • Dependable Service
  • Flow Control
  • Reverse Flow Option
  • Aquarium rim attachment fits easily to all standard aquarium rims
  • Solid, durable, compact pump construction
  • Epoxy sealed motor
  • Hermetically isolated from water—fully submersible
  • Water movement switch controls reverse and forward flow
  • Fully variable output control suction cup bracket allows custom and deep installations
  • Noise suppressor air filter quietly removes airborne contaminants before they can pollute
  • Free floating impeller
  • “Venturi” aeration device increases surface agitation and gas exchange efficiency
  • Output stem accepts a 1/2" (14mm) hose for remote water return
Hagen Fluval AquaClear Powerhead 110

Combines powerful output versatility, making it ideal for a number of aquarium applications. Designed for use in large aquariums, this high performance pump is suitable to drive fresh or salt water systems employing sumps, venturi skimmers, and elevated circulation rates. Comes complete with everything necessary to ensure convenient and quick installation.
  • Pumps up to 935gph
  • Fish and Invertebrate Safety Strainer
  • Horizontal Pump Base with Suction Cups, Ideal for Sump Applications
  • Vertical Rim Mount Pump Base with Adjustable Bracket
  • Click-Fit Connector
  • Ceramic Shaft
  • Rotating Stem Adapter for Easy Installation
  • Flow Director
  • “Venturi” Air Injection With Air Control Valve
  • Comes with 1" hose barb fitting
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.
ModelOutput (without air)Output (with air)Reverse FlowAquarium CapacityWattage
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG10585Aqua Clear Power Head 20, 126 GPH$32.49
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