Rio Aquarium Water Pumps/Powerheads

Rio Pumps/Powerheads
Rio Powerhead/Pump Rio RVT Powerhead/Pump Rio+ Powerhead/Pump
Rio Powerhead/Pump Rio RVT Powerhead/Pump Rio+ Powerhead/Pump
Item #DescriptionFlow Rate Price 
TA3111Taam Rio Plus 50 Powerhead/Pump69gph$13.49
TA3115Taam Rio Plus 90 Powerhead/Pump85gph$15.49
TA3119Taam Rio Plus 180 Powerhead/Pump120gph$16.49
TA3191Taam Rio 600 RVT (rejuvenating venturi) Powerhead/Pump$23.99
TA3193Taam Rio 800 RVT (rejuvenating venturi) Powerhead/Pump$26.99
TA3123Taam Rio+ 200 Powerhead/Pump138gph$20.49
TA3127Taam Rio+ 400 Powerhead/Pump144gph$20.99
TA3135Taam Rio+ 800 Powerhead/Pump211gph$23.99
TA3136Taam Rio+ 800 Powerhead/Pump UL211gph$27.49
TA3138Taam Rio+ 1000 Powerhead/Pump UL271gph$31.49
TA3140Taam Rio+ 1100 Powerhead/Pump UL382gph$33.99
TA3144Taam Rio+ 1400 Powerhead/Pump UL420gph$40.49
TA3148Taam Rio+ 1700 Powerhead UL642gph$47.99
TA3152Taam Rio+ 2100 Powerhead/Pump UL692gph$51.49
TA3156Taam Rio+ 2500 Powerhead UL782gph$67.49
TA3160Taam Rio+ 3100 Powerhead UL900gph$82.99
Warranty: 180 days from date of purchase.

Note: UL models come with a 3-prong, thicker, thermo-protected powercord while a non-UL comes with a regular 2-prong powercord (thinner).
Reef Aquarium
Rio Hyper Flow Powerheads
Rio Hyper Flow Powerhead/Pump Water must circulate to maintain a healthy aquatic environment. The Rio Aqua Pump delivers high performance at an affordable price. Features include energy efficiency, low-heat operation and a flow rate designed to keep your electric bills low. The ceramic shaft and durable high-impact plastic make the pump reliable and long-lasting. And although the Rio delivers a high flow rate with tremendous pressure capability, it operates very quietly.

The fully submersible Rio can be used with wet-dry filters, venturi protein skimmers, under gravel filtering systems, ponds and fountains in both fresh and salt water.

All pumps have a 6 foot power cord. Operates on US electrical systems only.
Item #DescriptionMax. HeadPrice 
TA3551Taam Rio 17 Hyper Flow Water Pump10ft.$83.99
TA3555Taam Rio 20 Hyper Flow Water Pump10.8ft.$103.49
TA3559Taam Rio 26 Hyper Flow Water Pump13ft.$150.99
TA3563Taam Rio 32 Hyper Flow Water Pump14ft.$158.99
Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.
Reef Aquarium
Reef Aquarium
Model #WattageFlow Rate@1ftFlow Rate@4ftFlow Rate@6ftMax HeadOutput O.D.
Rio 17HF551090gph840gph660gph10ft.13/16"
Rio 20HF601290gph990gph870gph10.8ft.13/16"
Rio 26HF1001590gph1350gph1140gph13ft.1"
Rio 32HF1151920gph1500gph1300gph14ft.1"
Rio Powerhead Accessories
Rio Powerhead Replacement Parts
Item #DescriptionPrice 
TA4573Taam Rio+ 2500 Replacement Impeller w/ Shaft$34.79