AquaC EV-Series Protein Skimmers

EV-Series Protein Skimmers
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Reef Aquarium
AquaC EV-Series Protein Skimmers The revolutionary AquaC protein skimmers do not use venturis, downdraft tubes, or air pumps; they employ the patented "Spray Injection System." This innovation allows the protein skimmer to efficiently draw in much more air than any other of the top protein skimmers. This coupled with the superiorly designed compact reaction chamber yields results that will literally blow the waste out of your water.

"For its compact size and simple design, The AquaC protein skimmer is able to process a large volume of water and efficiently remove organic pollutants. I'm very happy with it!"

Fernando Nosratpour, Senior Aquarist
Birch Aquarium at Scripps

AquaC EV-Series Protein Skimmer InjectorNew 2002 EV Series!
The redesigned and improved EV Series skimmers raise AquaC's spray injection skimming (U.S. Patent # 6,156,209) to a new level in terms of efficiency, performance, and value. A new baffling system combined with a significantly larger mixing box results in far less turbulence and increased contact time. The net effect is a dramatic increase in skimmer performance despite a drop in pump pressure requirements. AquaC's molded spray injector now generates a significantly larger number of microbubbles, boosting overall performance to unbelievable levels considering such low pump pressure requirements.

Warranty: 90 days from date of purchase.

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Item #DescriptionPrice 
AC1133AquaC EV-120 Protein Skimmer with JG fitting$379.00
AC1153AquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer with JG fitting$429.00
AC180GRAquaC EV-180 Protein Skimmer w/ JG Fitting + Rio 3100 Pump$491.00
AC1171AquaC EV-240 Protein Skimmer$529.00
AC240IAquaC EV-240 Protein Skimmer With Iwaki MD40RLT Pump$686.99
**   With 1" Gate Valve
*** With 1.5" Gate Valve

AquaC EV-Series Auto-Waste Containers

The new EV Series skimmers can be operated with our auto-waste container, available in 2.5 liter (5" x 10") and 5 liter (6" x 12") sizes. Unlike other brands, these waste jugs feature AquaC's Twist-Lock flanges with EPDM gaskets that are a snap to remove. Simply twist and pull apart - there aren't any screws to fiddle with! The carbon chamber reduces ozone odors and the skimmate's foul odor. Tubing size is 5/8".

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