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AquaC Urchin/Urchin Pro Protein Skimmers

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Finally, a small sump skimmer that requires no plumbing, fiddling with, or constant maintenance. The Urchin is the newest addition to AquaC's line of innovative protein skimmers that utilize spray induction technology. Based on the popular Remora, the Urchin is a sump model that is suitable for small tanks that don't require the waste-removing power of the AquaC EV Series. No plumbing required, simply drop in the sump and plug in the pump! Unlike most sump skimmers, the Urchin does not need to be raised or tinkered with to maintain the proper water level. For those with larger mini-reefs, try the Urchin Pro.

The Urchin and Urchin Pro requires the smallest amount of sump space of any skimmer in it's class:
AquaC Urchin footprint:
6" x 3"
AquaC Urchin Pro footprint:
8 " x 3.25"

Warranty: 90 days from date of purchase.

Note: Do not be deceived by the smaller pumps needed to run these protein skimmers. These are extremely efficient protein skimmers. For example, the Urchin Pro is powered with only a Rio 1400, but it greatly outperforms a Red Sea Berlin Skimmer powered with a Rio 2500. Therefore, an AquaC protein skimmer consumes less electricity, transfers less heat to the aquarium, and still outperforms larger skimmers.

  • Maxi-Jet 1200 does not come with suction cups.
  • Urchin and Urchin Pro need an additional 6 inches for collection cup removal. Minimum height needed for easy maintanance is 24 and 26 inches, respectively.
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