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PURA Filtration Pad 710 (7.5 inch x 10.5 inch)


Item #: MN3311

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Groundbreaking filtration media at the right price. For Reef, Marine, Planted, and Fresh Water aquaria!

The PURA family of filtration media is formulated to reduce scum formation in fresh and marine aquaria.

All PURA products are formulated with Beta-GFH (Beta Ferric Oxide Hydroxide), the groundbreaking German made phosphate removing media that eliminates the primary nutrient of aquarium scum. PURA filtration products lead to a much cleaner and less labor-intensive aquarium, good for the animals, good for the hobbyist.

Hydrated Beta-GFH is vastly superior to white colored Alumina based phosphate removers and greatly superior to numerous Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides sold in dry form.

PURA PhosLock removes 45% more phosphates than Alumina media, and 20% more than Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides. Unlike Alumina, PhosLock never leaches phosphates back to the aquarium. Unlike competing Alpha-Ferric Hydroxides, PhosLock never disintegrates and never turns soft and muddy in aquarium water. PhosLock comes fully activated right out of the jar. PhosLock does not need a specialized reactor and can be easily confined and implemented in a fine meshed media bag.

PURA Filtration Pad
Full Spectrum Chemical Filtration & Massive Filtration Surface Area Removal of Phosphates, Organics, Toxins, Ammonia, Heavy Metals, Particulates Ideal for Reef, Plant, Fish, Marine, and Fresh Systems

PURA Filtration Pads offer all the filtration capabilities of PURA Complete in an easy to implement filter pad form. Technologically advanced and patented manufacturing technique allows for a inch thick pad impregnated with solid particles of media. This pad has a loose structure that resists premature clogging, contains thick and thin fibers to maximize fine filtration, contains a massive 5 ounces of media per square foot of pad, and has a debris trapping and indicating white overlay. This pad is ideal for wet/dry drip trays, power filters, canister filters, refugiums, and pond filters. Available in two generous sizes, PURA pads outperform all Poly pads. Equally important is what this pad does not have: no glues, no ash, and no binders. All 5 oz of media are fully utilizable for filtration. Used as directed, this product will maintain extremely low phosphate levels and extremely low levels of all aquarium pollutants

Highly effective and top performing in both chemical and mechanical filtrations, PURA Pads are ideal for wet/dry drip trays and canister applications. PURA Pads can easily be tucked into hang on back filters for superb chemical filtration. PURA Pads have the most highly varied and effective fiber matrix of any filter pad. Composed of a rich mixture of varied fiber lengths and thickness as well as of fibers of varied melting point, PURA Pads are thermally bonded to perfection and contain an astonishing 5 oz of media per square foot. Unlike mono fiber pads that are glued together with ash slurries, PURA Pads have regions of different densities. This unique characteristic offers extremely fine particulate filtration, resistance to premature clogging and media that is not coated with adheasives for 45% more effecient chemical filtration. PURA Pads offer a rich filtration environment unlike any other. The mix of premium granular media with its numerous pore structures and the complex fiber matrix with its variable fiber density make for a pad with a surface area thousands of times greater than any other filter pad.

For aquarium and pond use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid inhaling dust while handling this product. This product may contain crystalline silica. Inhalation of dust containing respirable crystalline silica may cause delayed lung injury (silicosis) and possible cancer. Prolonged inhalation also may cause kidney disease and autoimmune disorders. In case of eye contact, flush with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Manufacturer information

Magnavore Company
Magnavore Company started manufacturing magnetic algae cleaners in 1998. They quickly developed a reputation for a high quality effective product. Today they manufacture the third generation of premium Magnavore magnets with innovations like Extended Reach, Glasscare and Acrylicare Brushes, Tune-Up and Acrylicare kits. In 2004, they began manufacturing new filtration products that are a cut above the rest! Each product made is the best in it`s category. That Magnavore`s our focus and promise.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
July 07, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works Great

My nitrates dropped overnight. I love these pads.

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Reviewed on
May 18, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.


Pros: Seems to do what it is supposed to do.

Cons: Stuff just seems to fall off of it. I rinsed the filter after cutting a piece to fit my sump, but it is hard to believe that stuff isn't being introduced into the tank that might be harmful to fish and corals!t

Sure makes a mess as you unpack it and stuff just falls off of it!

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Reviewed on
March 27, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works Great

Pros: Works great!

Cons: Has a chemical that causes cancer.

I like it, it just is messy when opening for the first time.

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Reviewed on
December 22, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

It works

Pros: It works as advertised

Cons: Makes a mess when you cut it to size.

I'm using this in a hang on back for my quarantine tank.
All my parameters are holding steady.

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Reviewed on
November 18, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.


Working as advertised. And easy to adapt to any system.

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ralph garcia

Reviewed on
August 21, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.


This is a great product

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Reviewed on
July 05, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.


Wow! Within a few hours of placing this pad, my tank sparkled, corals enlarged like never before, anemones brightened, and all the fish came out in the open. I can't believe my eyes! I've used both the regular pura complete and Boyd chemi pure elite in the past; and neither gave me the same outcome as this pad. I did not put them (in mesh bags) in a reactor though, just next to the sock (in the sump). BTW, I placed this pad under the sock.

Was this review helpful? 4 0

james weiss

Reviewed on
July 03, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.

pura filtration pad

product works extremely well . water is noticeably clearer & phosphate levels are down . algae in tank is non existent .

Was this review helpful? 2 0

mark l davis

Reviewed on
June 30, 2014

Yes, I would recommend this.

5 star *****

High tech filtration fabric. Water is crystal clear, parameters solid, fish and corals super happy.

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Reviewed on
November 16, 2013

Yes, I would recommend this.

Pura Filtration

I have owned a large aquarium service business for over 28 years. I have tried many products to control various water perimeters. So far, I have been extremely satisfied with the results and ease of use of this product. I would definitely recommend this product to all hobbyist. This product, along with proper maintenance will help give you the results you are looking for.

Was this review helpful? 11 0

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