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Many reactors are used to remove excess nutrients. A nano media reactor, which is often internal, works on a smaller scale. A GFO and carbon reactor fluidizes media to remove waste. A carbon reactor fluidizes carbon to maximize waste removal. A GFO reactor removes phosphate to fight nuisance algae, while a macroalgae reactor (chaeto reactor) uses light to grow algae in a designated area.

A calcium reactor uses CO2 to melt calcium reactor media (crushed coral) for coral growth. A kalkwasser reactor attaches to an auto top-off system to promote coral growth. A biopellet reactor feeds bacteria that then eat waste and feed corals.

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Two Little Fishies

Two Little Fishies ReMag

From $21.41

Two Little Fishies GFO Phosban Reactor 150
AquaMaxx BioMaxx XL BioPellet Reactor
Flow Control Pinch Valve


Nyos TORQ Media Reactor 2.0 Body
AquaMaxx Sigma-2 In-Sump Media Reactor