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Red Sea Coral Colors D Supplement (Trace) - 500ml


Item #: RS22073

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Learn the pillars of The Red Sea Reef Care Program. Here’s what you need to know!
A trace element complex that promotes the Purple/Blue colors in corals.

Coral Colors D Supplement is part of the complete range of complementary major, minor and trace element complexes which together provide the needs of corals.

These 18 elements (out of all the trace elements in NSW) participate in the metabolic processes inside a coral’s skeleton and soft tissue, one of them being the production of the purple/blue pigments in the soft tissue of corals.

For best results in displaying coral colors use in conjunction with Red Sea’s NO3: PO4- X.

Red Sea Reef Care Recipes offer easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement instructions for reef maintenance, tailored to each type of aquarium. 3 easy steps for maintaining your reef aquarium. Water changes | Supplementing | Testing.

Select the system type that best describes your reef. The Reef Care Recipe will outline the ideal water parameters for your system, how to maintain them and what products to use.

Manufacturer information

With a dedicated team of scientists and other professionals, Red Sea is widely recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality products for aquarium hobbyists. Red Sea constantly strives to provide hobbyists of all levels with highly effective solution-driven products designed to make your fish-keeping experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The embodiment of Red Sea’s dedication to providing solutions for today’s reef-keepers is its range of MAX-NANO, MAX-E & MAX-S aquariums- The only choice for true Plug & Play™ coral reef aquariums, now featuring the very latest in LED lighting technology.

For advanced reef-keepers the Red Sea REEFER provides a great platform into which you can add your own selection of hardware. With its ultra-clear glass, ATO built-in, silent flow valve and superb quality of finish the REEFER sets the standard for those wishing to customize. REEFER is also available as a Deluxe version with LED lighting included.

Red Sea’s unique Reef Care Program (RCP) provides a comprehensive, safe and easy to use program for testing and supplementing within reef aquaria, and is perfectly complemented by Red Sea’s Coral Pro & Red Sea Salt’s, which has become the salt of choice for those seeking the very highest quality water quality for their coral reef aquariums. Both salts are made using a unique natural process which delivers unrivalled homogeneity and is perfect for delicate corals. Check your individual bucket of salt’s composition using Red Sea’s innovative new “MyBatch” software.

Whatever your aquatic needs, Red Sea delivers high quality innovative, solution based products.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
April 03, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Red sea colors

I used all the rea sea colors and they do help corals grow and color up

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Reviewed on
September 13, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

increased purple color on Hulk Acropora

Within two months of using the four pack trace product on my 90 gal reef the Hulk Acro developed a notably vibrant purple hue where before it was dull purple brown. It had been in the tank for three years prior, now its the center piece. Also several stunted frags started to encrust at a greater rate than before. I will continue to use this system going forward.

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sandra carroll

Reviewed on
September 15, 2012

No, I would not recommend this.

Read carefully

To the customer who is considering buying this, be aware that the product is not a "broad-spectrum" trace element supplement. The product is only effective with hard corals and will raise calcium levels (make sure you have a KH supplement to balance water parameters if necessary). I'm not sure it is necessary unless you have SPS tank that requires very high levels of calcium (a calcium reactor may be more helpful if this is so), otherwise a water change with a quality marine salt does a comparable job to this product.

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Reviewed on
August 14, 2011

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nicely thought out.

Glad to find a trace element product that isn't everything and the kitchen sink. The difference is subtle, but impressive. The most interesting difference is how fast the newest arrivals seem to have bounced back. In the past, new corals I've added have taken a couple weeks to really open up and act alive. The last batch I got took only days. Can't say for sure that it is because of this, but overall the corals seem as happy or happier on this than on other trace supplements.

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