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Red Sea Reefer 350 Aquarium - 73 Gallon (Black)


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Item #: RS42131

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SHIPPING INFORMATION: Red Sea aquariums are shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Orders placed by 10pm Wednesday are shipped on Friday. Red Sea tanks can only be shipped within the USA to the 48 contiguous states. The shipping carrier will contact you by telephone to schedule a convenient delivery date after you place your order.
***MAY 2021 SHIPPING UPDATE*** The Red Sea warehouse will be closed on Friday, May 7th. As such, all Red Sea aquarium orders must be placed before the end of the day on Tuesday, May 4th in order to be shipped on Thursday, May 6th. Otherwise, orders will not ship until the following Friday, May 14th.

Red Sea REEFER™ Systems
Rimless Reef Ready Systems for advanced hobbyists

REEFER™ Concept
Red Sea’s REEFER™ series of Reef Systems, provide advanced hobbyists with a solid foundation for building a fully featured reef or marine aquarium.

The REEFER™ series combines a contemporary, rimless, ultra-clear glass aquarium with a stylish cabinet and a comprehensive water management system, including a professional sump with integrated automatic top-up, and Red Sea’s unique silent down-flow system.

Incorporating technologies originally developed for Red Sea’s all-in-one MAX® coral reef systems, the REEFER™ series is designed for ease of operation while enabling the advanced hobbyist to install an unlimited choice of lighting, filtration, circulation and controllers to create a uniquely customized system.

Features of the Red Sea REEFER™ include:
  • Rimless, ultra-clear, beveled edge glass aquarium
  • Elegant marine-spec cabinet
  • Professional sump with constant height skimmer chamber and micron filter bags
  • Silent, regulated down-flow system with emergency overflow
  • Integrated automatic top-up system with reservoir
  • Assembly-ready piping – no gluing required
REEFER™ Specification
REEFER™ aquariums are constructed from thick, beveled-edge, ultra-clear glass to support their elegant and modern rimless design.

The aquarium sits on a recessed base that “floats” it above the cabinet, which seamlessly follows the contour of the glass.

The marine-spec laminated cabinet that houses the sump, (and in the larger models also includes a dedicated, vented space for chillers) is smartly finished with weatherproof, epoxy-painted doors.

REEFER™ Water Management System
The comprehensive water management system provides the base for excellent water quality. Surface water from all sides of the aquarium is actively fed to the sump through the regulated silent flow downpipe.

red sea reefer marine aquarium system - regulated downflow system

Removable surface-skimming combs surround the top of the centrally located overflow box that houses the downpipe, sump return pipe and the discreet multi-directional “eyeball” return outlet nozzle.

In the event of a blockage in the regulated downpipe, an additional emergency overflow pipe provides an unrestricted free flow of aquarium water directly to the sump.

On entering the sump the water passes through a 200 micron mechanical filter bag, before entering the filtration compartment that maintains a constant water height, making it suitable for all skimmers and other reactors.

In order to remove any air bubbles that may have escaped from the skimmer, the water passes through a bubble-stripping cascade on its way to the return pump chamber.

To ensure a constant water level in the pump compartment, all REEFER™ sumps include an integrated automatic freshwater top-up unit, guaranteeing a constant, stable water flow throughout the complete system.

Supplied as a complete self-assembly kit, all pipe work is ready without the need for any gluing.

REEFER Model Specification






Main Features Ultra clear front and side glass
Ultra clear front glass thickness (mm) 8 (3/10") 10 (3/8") 12 (1/2") 12 (1/2") 15 (5/8")
Built in surface skimmer
Integrated automatic top up system
System Volumes Display tank water volume (L) 77 (21 gal) 130 (34 gal) 204 (54 gal) 275 (73 gal) 350 (92 gal)
In cabinet sump water volume (L) 28 (7 gal) 35 (9 gal) 40 (11 gal) 70 (18 gal) 90 (24 gal)
Total system water volume (L) 105 (28 gal) 165 (43 gal) 244 (65 gal) 345 (91 gal) 440 (116 gal)
RO reservoir volume (L) 4.5 (1.2 gal) 5.4 (1.5 gal) 8 (2.1 gal) 10.5 (2.8 gal) 13.7 (3.6 gal)
System Dimensions Display tank length (cm) 45 (18") 60 (24.5") 90 (35.5") 120 (47") 150 (59")
Display tank height (cm) 45 (18") 50 (20") 53 (21") 53 (21") 55 (22")
Display tank width (cm) 45 (18") 50 (20") 50 (20") 50 (20") 50 (20")
Total system height with cabinet (cm) 132 (52") 137 (54") 140 (55") 140 (55") 142 (56")
Sump Dimensions Sump Water height (cm) 20 (8") 20 (8") 20 (8") 24 (9.4") 24 (9.4")
Sump Skimmer chamber dimensions (cm) 24 x 21 (9.4" x 8.3") 30 x 25 (11.8" x 9.8") 35 x 25 (13.8" x 9.8") 42 x 34 (16.5" x 13.4") 42 x 48 (16.5" x 19")
Sump Pump chamber Dimensions (cm) 24 x 12 (9.4" x 4.7") 30 x 12 (11.8" x 4.7") 35 x 12 (13.8" x 4.7) 42 x 15 (16.5" x 6") 42 x 15 (16.5" x 6")
Return Pump Recommended flow (lph) (pump not included) 2000 (530 gph) 2000 (530 gph) 2500 (660 gph) 3000 (790 gph) 4000 (1060 gph)
3/4" threaded hosebarb (inner dia.) 16mm (5/8") 16mm (5/8") 16mm (5/8") 16mm (5/8") 25mm (1")

Manufacturer information

With a dedicated team of scientists and other professionals, Red Sea is widely recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality products for aquarium hobbyists. Red Sea constantly strives to provide hobbyists of all levels with highly effective solution-driven products designed to make your fish-keeping experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The embodiment of Red Sea’s dedication to providing solutions for today’s reef-keepers is its range of MAX-NANO, MAX-E & MAX-S aquariums- The only choice for true Plug & Play™ coral reef aquariums, now featuring the very latest in LED lighting technology.

For advanced reef-keepers the Red Sea REEFER provides a great platform into which you can add your own selection of hardware. With its ultra-clear glass, ATO built-in, silent flow valve and superb quality of finish the REEFER sets the standard for those wishing to customize. REEFER is also available as a Deluxe version with LED lighting included.

Red Sea’s unique Reef Care Program (RCP) provides a comprehensive, safe and easy to use program for testing and supplementing within reef aquaria, and is perfectly complemented by Red Sea’s Coral Pro & Red Sea Salt’s, which has become the salt of choice for those seeking the very highest quality water quality for their coral reef aquariums. Both salts are made using a unique natural process which delivers unrivalled homogeneity and is perfect for delicate corals. Check your individual bucket of salt’s composition using Red Sea’s innovative new “MyBatch” software.

Whatever your aquatic needs, Red Sea delivers high quality innovative, solution based products.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
May 13, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Amazing tank!!

Pros: beautiful craftmanship, silent once the drains are dialed in, great sump

Cons: you might be unlucky and received one or two damaged items during transport. the delivery person is not allowed to help you bring the package into your home.

had been saving for a RSR system for sometime now and finally took the jump! With a very volatile work schedule it took about 3 weeks between shipping and scheduling the delivery of the aquarium. Once it arrived, I discovered that one part had been damaged during transport, however the top notch team and MD and RedSea had the replacement in the mail in no time! Once the part arrived the build took about 3 hours total. I recommend that you start making water well in advance so that you can get your system running as soon as you finish set up! cannot wait to have a fully mature reef in my home!

also you WILL need a friend to help you bring in these items into your home. it is very heavy.

Was this review helpful? 4 0


Reviewed on
April 01, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Product

Pros: Ease of assembly and quality

Cons: Delivery service and lack of extra parts

Great product. Super easy to assemble. Stand is sturdy/heavy, but moveable once assembled thanks to the feet. Aquarium and sump/ato are top notch. Plumbing works perfectly and took about 15 minutes to install, which may in itself be the best reason to buy this setup as opposed to collecting the plumbing a piece at a time. It would be cool if redsea added some cabinet lighting to the product and sent extra dowels and screw covers. Mine was actually short one of each. Not a fan of the delivery service at all. They will not help you lift the aquarium so be ready. Marine Depot price matched a BRS Black Friday deal, and that was pretty cool. All in all; a good purchase.

Was this review helpful? 2 0


Reviewed on
November 18, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

great aquarium

best marine aquarium you can get in the market

Was this review helpful? 2 0


Reviewed on
February 17, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Top of the line

You get what you pay for. This aquarium is the best money can buy. Comes pre-set up and is top of the line.

Was this review helpful? 5 0


Reviewed on
January 07, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great Tank

Pros: Great look. Good price for what you’re getting. Very strong and sturdy stand.

Cons: None.

When the reefer 350 came, the stand/sump area needed assembly which took a bit of time with no powertools, but can’t complain because it was a lot easier than IKEA instructions. The tank glass itself is very thick and constructed well. The stand I purchased was the white one which has a glossy finish which makes it look clean and sleek.

Was this review helpful? 6 0

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