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Reef 220.6 +Plus HD Edition (Black) - 220 Gallons with AI Hydra 32HD LED Lighting - Waterbox Aquariums


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Item #: 0W8355

Shipped by Waterbox Aquariums in 7-14 business days

The Reef +Plus Series includes:

The Reef 220.6 Waterbox Aquariums - 220 gallons - Black

Waterbox Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream Reef Aquarium. These tanks expand on the Platinum line with much larger full sized systems to give professional reef keepers more options.


  • Rimless 15-19mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass
  • The water etched glass overflow box
  • Rubber Mat Under Tank
  • Micron Socks
  • Prefabricated Proprietary Plumbing System
  • Dual Manifold
  • Refugium ready
  • Integrated Reservoir for Auto Top off Water
  • Dual micron socks
  • Marine spec, heavy duty, UV coated plywood cabinet stand with contemporary blacked out interior



Reef 170.4/5

Reef 190.5

Reef 220.6

Display Water Volume (Gal)130 gallons (492 L)141 gallons (533 L)167 gallons (632 L)
Sump Water Volume (Gal)41.8 gallons (158 L)45.3 gallons (172 L)37.1 gallons (140 L)
Total System Volume (Gal)171.7 gallons (650 L)186 gallons (691 L)221.2 gallons (837 L)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservoir Volume (Gal)5.8 gallons (22 L)6.9 gallons (26.3 L)17.2 gallons (65 L)

Display Dimensions

Tank Length (IN)55" (138.6 cm)60" (153.6 cm)72" (183.6 cm)
Tank Width (IN)26" (65 cm)26" (65 cm)25" (65 cm)
Tank Height (IN)24" (60 cm)24" (60 cm)24" (60 cm)
Total Height with Cabinet60" (152.4 cm)60" (152.4 cm)60" (152.4 cm)

Sump Dimensions

Sump Length (IN)33" (85 cm)36" (85 cm)32" (85 cm)
Sump Width (IN)20" (50 cm)20" (50 cm)19" (50 cm)
Sump Height (IN)16" (40 cm)16" (40 cm)15" (40 cm)
Sump Glass Thickness8 mm (1/3")1/3" (8 mm)1/3" (8 mm)
Evaporation (ATO) Reservoir (IN)9.2" x 8.5" x 15" (24 x 22 x 38 cm)9.2" x 8.5" x 15" (24 x 22 x 38 cm)15" x 20" x 16" (38 x 50 x 40 cm)

Technical Details

Water Height in Sump10" (25 cm)10" (25 cm)10" (25 cm)
Skimmer Chamber15.4" x 19" (39.11 x 48.26 cm)15.4" x 19" (39.11 x 48.26 cm)15.4" x 19" (39.11 x 48.26 cm)
Pump Chamber7.4" x 10.3" (18.7 x 26.1 cm)10.2" x 10.3" (25.9 x 26.1 cm)6.2" x 19" (15.7 x 48.4cm)
Recommended Flow Rate (GPH) Pump not included1700 gph (6500 L)
*Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors
1800 gph (6800 L)
*Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors
2300 gph (8000 L)
*Increase flow rates by 200-500 gph when using manifolds for reactors


  • Main & Emergency Drain Pipe: DN32
  • Return Pipe: DN25
  • Vinyl hose size: 1”
  • Drain hole: 1.5”
  • Return hole: 1.25”

Special Features:

  • 4 x AI Hydras with mounts
  • Dual 7" Filter Sock Chamber
  • Precision Gate Valve for Overflow Adjustment
  • Emergency Overflow Protection
  • Dual Manifold bypass for add on Reactors
  • Industry First Glass Overflow System
  • Cabinets by World Renown cabinet maker
  • Prefabricated Plumbing Kit for easy setup Included

The AquaIllumination Hydra TwentySix*

The Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix HD combines full lighting control with efficient power consumption in a sleek fixture. The TwentySix HD comes packed with 26 of the latest LEDs from Cree, OSRAM and SemiLED. The LED array uses custom-designed 80° lenses for color-blending and light diffusion.

This cool-running fixture uses no more than 95 watts, making it a cost-effective way to light up a reef full of SPS and LPS corals. The small fixture size makes it perfect as a single unit above a Nano tank or used in multiples over larger aquariums.

The Hydra TwentySix is more than a slim, powerful LED light for reef-keeping. The Hydra’s HD power supply sends unused power from dimmed LEDs to the LEDs that are brighter. This feature allows the Hyrda HD to maximize light output in the color spectrum of your choice.

Controlling one or more Hydra HDs is easy. Any iOS, Android or internet-connected device can be used to with the myAI app. myAI gives you full control over color, intensity and scheduling, anywhere in the world. You’ll even be able to watch your reef with a Nest Cam or Dropcam! The TwentySix HD comes in your choice of black or white.

What we really like about the AI Hydra TwentySix HD:

  • Slim fixture is loaded with high-quality LEDs
  • Nice color blending
  • myAI app is easy to use on any smart device
  • Powerful enough for stony corals
  • One fixture is perfect for most nano tanks
  • Many ways to mount the light

Densely-packed 26-LED array

The Hydra uses the finest LEDs for a limitless color control and the 80° lenses create smooth, blended colors without hot spots.

  • 12 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI)
  • 12 - Cree XT-E Royal Blue
  • 12 - Cree XP-E2 Blue
  • 4 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red
  • 4 - Cree XP-E2 Green
  • 4 - SemiLED 415nm
  • 4 - SemiLED 400nm

Easy control through Wi-Fi:

  • No special controller required
  • Works on any smart device or computer
  • Simple, intuitive interface

Easy to use modes and lighting adjustments:

  • Schedule Mode - Simplifies lighting control
  • Acclimation Mode - reduces stress during acclimation of new livestock
  • Kelvin wheel - Lets you adjust the color temperature
  • Lunar Mode - Automatic moonlight mode based on actual lunar phase

AI Hydra TwentySix HD Specifications:

  • 10-foot power cable
  • 90-watts maximum power consumption from wall
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Universal input voltage (100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz)
  • Fixture dimensions: 7.28" x 5.38" x 1.6"
  • 26 LED array with 80° lenses
  • Wi-Fi controllable

*Note: The Hydra TwentySix lights ship directly from AquaIllumination in 7 - 10 business days.

The AquaIllumination HMS Tank Mount*

The Hydra Mounting System (HMS™) is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank mount solution for the Hydra TwentySix LED Light Fixture.

Adapts to Your Tank

You may tailor the HMS to your tank. Width, height, and even the angle of the light is able to be fine-tuned.

Slide & Swivel

Slide and swivel your lights to exactly where you want them, then fasten them in place to best illuminate your livestock.

Cable Management

The HMS features a slim profile with integrated cord management to minimize visual clutter and complement the clean look of your Hydra fixtures.


  • Max Tank Thickness - 1.125"
  • Max Height - 13"
  • Max Outreach - 14.3"

*Note: The HMS tank mounts ship directly from AquaIllumination in 7 - 10 business days.

Manufacturer information

Waterbox Aquariums was founded on 3 core principles. Build the highest quality Ultra Clear Glass Aquariums, Make them available to any hobbyist, Entry level to Professional and provide a vessel to grow the Aquatic Industry World Wide one new aquarium at a time.

Waterbox Aquariums are designed for simplicity and style, while allowing the consumer a way to constantly evolve and modify their Aquatic Environments to their liking. They believe that people want to work with technology they love.

"In its simplest form every Waterbox is the same, but when the consumer brings it to life, there are none alike."

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