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Reef Octopus OCTO 15A Reef Sump


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The Reef Octopus OCTO Sump Series features machine-cut acrylic with Reef Octopus`s red color accents for an eye-catching system.  Hobbyists can house all of their Reef Octopus skimmers, reactors and pumps in style, making it just as pretty as your display tank.

Designed to be your "forever" sump, the OCTO Series is built like a tank, packed with features and good looks; you`ll want to show off your tank with guests and share photos with your followers.

The built-in filter sock holder have also been designed for hobbyists who choose to use auto-filter rollers, like the Klir Di-4 Fleece Filter Roller, reducing time spent on maintenance.

The OCTO Sump Series also features a bubble diffusing intake that reduces microbubbles from entering your display and keeps salt creep in or around your sump to a minimum. 

Adjust the water level in your sump to accommodate your protein skimmer, eliminating the need for a skimmer stand, so you can dial in with ease.


  • 4 sizes to choose from
  • Reef Octopus red accents
  • Solid acrylic contstruction
  • Adjustable 5.1" - 9" water depth
  • Dedicated chambers for skimmers and return pump
  • ATO reservoir with lid
  • Bubble-diffusing chamber with lid
  • Built-in filter sock holder
  • Accommodates auto filter rollers


OCTO Sump Model:





Overall Dimensions:
14.96" x 14.96" x 13.78" 23.62" x 14.17" x 15.75" 29.92" x 15.75" x 15.75" 35.83" x 18.11" x 15.75"
Skimmer Chamber
9.45" x 9.45" 13.27" x 9.45" 14.6" x 12.6" 16.97" x 16.14"
Return Pump Chamber
4.5" x 6.5" 6.8" x 7.2" 9.4" x 7.2" 11.8" x 8.6"
ATO Reservoir
1.5 Gallons 3 Gallons 4.7 Gallons 6.6 Gallons
Water Depth
5.1" to 9" 5.1" to 9" 5.1" to 9" 5.1" to 9"
Drain Bulkhead: 1" 1" 1" (x2) 1" (x2)


  • Freshwater reservoir
  • Filter sock holder
  • Bubble diffusing intake chamber with lid

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