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Reef Tank Packages Reef Tank Packages
We have tried to put together a fairly complete set up of items needed in order to start up a reef aquarium. Although not all the items listed may be needed, the lists are a great starting point to get your system going. Most categories will give you three choices; Good, Better and Best. You may choose and pick which items would work best for your set up.

The tank sizes listed below are based off of the volumes and the lengths of the aquariums. The length is important for the selection for the lighting systems. The 15-30 gallon tanks are 24”, the 30-65 gallons are 36”, the 60-90 gallons are 48”, the 75-125 gallons are 60” tanks and 125-180 gallons are 72” tanks.

To get started, find the correct link below for your tank size/length and click on the correct one. From there, you will be able to choose the items you would like buy simply by clicking the buy button and putting the items into your shopping cart.
Learn how to set up a reef aquarium with this 5-episode video series.