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Rescue Air USB Powered DC Air Pump Single Port with additional Power Pack - Cobalt Aquatics


Item #: 3C9702

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Rescue Air USB Powered DC Air Pump Single Port with additional Power Pack - Cobalt Aquatics

The Cobalt Rescue Air Kit USB Power low voltage DC air pump with an internal battery that provides up to 24 hours of operation plus a USB power bank that will run the pump for up to 48 additional hours during power outages, emergencies, transporting fish, or for fish collecting trips.

Comes complete with air line and air stone, ready to go at a moment`s notice right out of the box. Both the pump and power bank can be charged by standard car USB chargers to provide even more flexible and longer operation.

A strong output of up to 31 gph air and up to a 60" depth will meet even the most demanding air requirements. The pump can run in constant on mode or it can operate in a 10 second on and off cycle to extend battery life when running on internal battery power. Pump will automatically engage if a power outage is detected.* 90 day warranty.

*Pump must be plugged in to a wall outlet to detect power outage. If pump is already running it will continue to run on battery power. If pump is off it will automatically turn on to prevent fish loss. 

Manufacturer information

Cobalt Aquatics was established in April of 2011 by a leadership team with over 60 years of combined Aquatic Industry experience. The three hardcore fishgeeks; Les Wilson, a former research biologist and director of marketing for United Pet Group Aquatics, Viral Surati, a pioneering high end African cichlid importer, TFH magazine and United Pet Group key accounts manager, and Randy Parham, a founding member of the Marineland Aquarium Products sales team and national sales manager for United Pet Group Aquatics got together to form the company.

From those simple beginnings in 2011, Cobalt Aquatics now features a product mix of hundreds of items from flake food to frozen mysis shrimp, to the original MJ pumps, to award winning heaters and the innovative Egg Rockers.

With a worldwide supply chain including products and supplies from the USA, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, South Korea and others, Cobalt has grown and now occupies a 20,000 square foot facility, and employs 10 warehouse and office staff, and 4 full time and 3 part time field and telesales sales reps and territory managers.

3 Stars


Reviewed on
October 01, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

Good concept, horrible execution

Pros: Puts out air , not to loud

Cons: USB to short ,, does NOT work as advertised...,won’t turn on when power failure

Bought this a an emergency back up in case of power outage for a Nano tank, while pump will run on internal battery or battery pack it comes with, as most battery pumps will. This was advertised as a back up in case of power failure. Hooked it up the day before a week trip and pump does not turn when power is turned off.have seen more reviews of this happing. They must have lousy quality control , only pushed it thru to make a buc.. also USB cord is quite short, but that’s the least of the problems, save your money ( lord knows they have made enough off this faulty product) buy a basic air pump that last for years..

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Reviewed on
August 08, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great emergancy or travel air pump

Pros: Automatically turns on in power outage.

Cons: Does not automatically turn off.

Every aquarium owner should have one of these I. The event of a power outage.can be set to continues use or to come on when power goes out. I only gave it four stars as it does not turn back off when power comes back on and I could not figure out to how to have the axuilery battery pack plugged in all the time and still only run when power goes out. one of these on my 50 QT for emergencies. It has come on a few times during brief power outages. For longer outages you have to hook up the extra battery manually. Other battery backs will work which is great and it can be easily charged in the car if needed during an extended outage. I found it had enough power for my 50 gallon but I do not use the air stone, just rigid air line to the bottom of my tank. I am sure it would oxygenate the water better with an air stone, but I don’t want the micro bubbles it would produce with salt water and an air stone will quickly become useless as things grow over it. The out put would also be reduced significantly which my explain the other reviewers comment about lack of power.

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Reviewed on
March 21, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Good Concept, but no power!

Pros: Concept is good

Cons: Absolutely NO Power

This will fit in the palm of your hand, and the power is even smaller. I bought a couple and they operated with the same output. It says for up to 60 inches deep I think, definitely did not work on my 90 gallon, it didn’t put any more out on my daughter’s 20 gallon. I would not use it on anything more than a 2-3 gallon tank.

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Reviewed on
January 15, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Works great so far

Pros: Automaticlly turns on in a power outage. Comes with a battery pack in addtion to the internat battery.

Cons: Directions are too small to read easily especially since it is all in CAPS.

I have not had a chance to really test it since I have not had any power outages. It does come on automatically when unplugged. I like that the additional battery is a conventional USB power pack, so all the other battery packs I have will also work with it and it can easily be charged at home or in the car.

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