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Riccia Fluitans Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer

Riccia Fluitans Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer


Item #: JB2245

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Floating liverwort (also known as crystalwort) is well-documented around the world, and floats on the surface or inhabits moist substrate. Takashi Amano was the first to popularize this floating moss as an aquarium plant. He adds Riccia as a foreground plant to many of his designs. It is very easy to cultivate and care for: rinse off the growth jelly, and then attach the cushions to rocks or logs using fishing wire or super glue to provide a solid base on which to grow. Maintain compact growth by trimming the light green branches with scissors every so often. CO2 supplementation significantly increases growth.


Growth height - 5 cm Origin Tropical Cosmopolitan
Usage NanoCube, Aquascaping Type Epiphyte
Family Ricciaceae Genus Riccia
Breeding Seeding Growth Speed Fast
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 0 - 20 °dh








Shady - Semi-Shade




Manufacturer information

Aquatic Farms was founded by a lifetime aquaculture hobbyist and has grown to become the premier brand for In-Vitro tissue cultured plants. Tissue culture plants are grown from a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants, providing the best option for those who want to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests into the aquarium.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
April 24, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice plant

This plant floats and is difficult to plant directly in the substrate. Be gentle when getting the gel out. The plant will fall into a million pieces.

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Reviewed on
April 12, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Riccia Fluitans Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer

Pros: Green and luscious

Cons: Handle with care

Came looking really fresh and green. Thriving in both my tanks.

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Reviewed on
March 03, 2020

No, I would not recommend this.

so bad i go dab and dab agains

Pros: ddd

Cons: dddd


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