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Santa Monica Filtration DROP1.4 Algae Scrubber

Item #: 6Y62057

We no longer carry this item

Santa Monica Filtration DROP1.4 Algae Scrubber

The DROP1.4 is a drop-in algae scrubbing filtration system that can be used to reduce your glass cleaning and water changes while creating an environment for living micro-animals to grow inside the scrubber. The DROP1.4 is a versatile, 3.5" wide algae scrubber that utilizes an advanced, light-reflecting, rough-textured, and double-sided Green Grabber surface within its growth compartment, allowing for optimal algae growth. The DROP1.4 also includes added strings for saltwater, a longer (1 year) warranty, a higher nutrient absorption capacity, and additional LEDs compared to its predecessor, the DROP1.2. It is far more powerful than chaeto or refugiums, and does not remove food particles from the aquarium. With the ease of collection and removal this scrubber offers, you can even harvest the algae as food for your fish!

  • Will fit into any size aquarium, sump, and almost all back compartments of all-in-one aquariums
  • Designed with a special plate underneath, which allows for the DROP1.4 to sit at the bottom of your aquarium or sump while blocking sand from entering the filter and keeping red light contained
  • Will run on both 120V and 240V
  • Power supply comes with a 10 ft (300 cm) UL and CE approved power adapter cord with a simple 2-wire U.S. plug, which can easily be modified or swapped with a laptop power supply cord containing a C7 connector
  • Can be used as a stand-alone filter or in conjunction with most other filters
  • Dry-Out proof: Power outages will not affect it since it`s always under water
  • Harvested algae can be used to feed your fish, if desired

  • The DROP1.4 uses low voltage & safe LEDs (No dangerous metal 240/120 volt lights) with double waterproofing to prevent water corrosion
  • Includes five red (660 nm) 3-watt LEDs, which are double sealed in epoxy
  • Most red light is contained within the unit due to the special plate underneath the filter
  • The LEDs never need replacing
  • GFCI safely plug not included, but recommended and available at any aquarium, hardware, electrical or home improvement store, or online

Additional Features & Info:
  • Utilizes a rough & light-reflecting Green Grabber algal growth attachment surface which accelerates algae growth
  • Upflow scrubber technology prevents overflow risk-- since it is ALL underwater, it can`t overflow onto your floor
  • Has 7 square inches (105 square cm) of extremely rough Green Grabber ® two-sided algal growth surface with ribbon strings
  • Can grow up to 1" (2.5 cm) thick green hair algae
  • Includes a 1 year warranty for replacement or repair
  • Includes 3 ft (90 cm) of vinyl airline, but requires an air pump (a larger pump with two outlets combined into a single outlet is recommended)
  • Needs to be cleaned ("harvested") every 7 to 14 days or when thick with growth
  • Grows well in water with phosphate up to 0.6 ppm
  • Ideal for saltwater systems; not recommended for freshwater

  • Dimensions: 3.25" wide x 6" tall x 2.75" thick front-to-back (8 cm wide x 15 cm tall x 7 cm thick)
  • Recommended Water Level: ~5" (13 cm) of water to operate in
  • LEDs: Five red (660 nm) 3-watt LEDs, which are double sealed in epoxy.
  • Requires a standard air pump, however a larger pump with two outlets combined into a single outlet is preferred
1 - 5 Gallons 5 - 10 Gallons 10 - 40 Gallons 55 - 120 Gallons 180 - 300 Gallons 450+ Gallons
RAIN2 x2 x3 x5
DROP.2 x2
Saltwater only
HOG.5 x2
x2 x4
HOG1.3 x2 x4
HOG2 x2 x3 x5
Saltwater only
x2 x3 x4
Saltwater only
x2 x3 x5
Saltwater only
x2 x4
Saltwater only


Reviewed on
May 04, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Algae Scrubber

Pros: Fits in the back chamber of my Nuvo 30L

Cons: Price and a little noisy.

Still breaking in, no algae yet.

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Reviewed on
February 09, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Great ATS!

Pros: Small size works as promised

Cons: Bubbles can be a little loud if completely submerged

I got this for my waterbox Cube 20 replacing a tunze nano skimmer.
Works great and all nutrients are nicely controlled.

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Reviewed on
June 08, 2019

Yes, I would recommend this.

Best thing I ever did for my tank

Pros: Pods pods pods

Cons: You have to clean it

I spent years chasing the numbers trying all kinds of crazy stuff to get my tank settled so I could relax and just enjoy it..... Then I got this tiny scrubber and in 4 months I had a whole other tank a mated pair of mandarin blennies and my corals went from meh to growing! I had pods everywhere started taking out filter socks and carbon etc... only thing I was running was the Algae scrubber and my skimmer and I'm sure I could have done away with the skimmer too...that tank was amazing for 6 months then hurricane Erma came and we lost power for 12 days and I lost everything.... Rebuilding a new tank now and it will have a Scribner and a skimmer that's it!

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Reviewed on
January 07, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Really great little unit

Pros: Simple, easy to set up. Has indicator lights and just one plug

Cons: Needs a air pump. So noise could be an issue depending only on the pump you use.

Great unit. Worked right off the bat. Well constructed and very easy to set up. Would recommend.

Was this review helpful? 6 0

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