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Santa Monica Filtration GEM5 LED Lights for Algae Scrubbers and Refugium


Item #: 6Y37955

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Santa Monica Filtration GEM5 LED Lights for Algae Scrubbers and Refugium

The GEM5 is the very first light ever designed just for algae scrubbers and seaweed cultivators. Because of the very wet and splashy environments that waterfall scrubber lights must operate in, and the underwater environments that some upflow scrubbers must operate in, these GEM5 lights are made with a high tech material which not only seals out water but also removes heat from the LED so that it remains at the proper operating temperature in any environment, submerged or not.

  • Pure deep red 660nm (nanometer), which is the primary growth spectrum for macroalgae (seaweed)
  • All-environment capability: can be used above and below water
  • Can be used for underwater algal growth in hydroponics, illuminating the roots of the plants to grow algae on them
  • Uses 5 real watts (volts X amps) for the power; it does not use "equivalent" watts like CFL lights do, and it does not "say" 5 watts but only use 3 watts like many LED grow-lights do
  • Power supply is fully isolated, low-voltage, and CE, UL, Canadian UL, and FCC approved
  • Patent-pending case is a solid, high-tech material which not only completely seals the LEDs when under water, but also removes heat from the LEDs when above the water
  • Require no cooling fans, heat sinks, or waterproofing
  • Can be put on a timer to improve growth and filtering
  • Easily mountable with silicone glue

  • Dimensions: Each GEM5 light is 7.5" long x 1" wide x 1/4" thick (190 mm long x 25 mm wide x 7 mm thick)
  • Cord length:The power cord is 10’ (3 m) from the plug to the light, which allows the power supply box to set far away from the light.
  • Underwater Rated: IP65, IP66, IP66K, IP67, IP68, IP69K (high pressure steam proof)

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